Friday, March 7, 2008


My sister and I were talking about our wonderful kids today. I looked at my 2 yr old, and for a moment, it seemed as if his face shifted and I saw what he'd look like twenty years from now. Very strange.
I watched Jet Li in The One the other night. Great movie. I find the concept of parallel universes intriguing. Dean Koontz wrote a book that dealt with that a little bit. And the concept of wormholes is too cool. Randy Ingermanson has a very interesting story about that.
Writing a book involves more than stringing words together. It means creating a coherent plot, readable sentences. A good book will have good sentences, good ideas. But a Great Book? The things that make it so include Great Writing, Great Plot. Fresh ideas.
Like wormholes and stuff.
Okay, I know sci-fi probably uses that. But in theory they could be real. Therefore, it takes the idea out of sci-fi, in my opinion.

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Grandma C said...

Your right! Now, I want to know more about this book your writing and where I can find the chapter that won the contest? I made it here (blogspot) but that"s as far as I have ventured. Would you like to write to this Midwest Grandma and let her know where she can find her Grand Daughter's writing experience? I am so glad to see this. Love you, honey! Keep up the good work! Grandma C