I was out of town and have no clue how to write posts and then schedule them for later. So here I am, a week later and ready to post.

I am now reading the sequel to Just As I Am. It's called Sincerely, Mayla and it's just as good as the first book. I'm halfway through and laughing my pants off.

It started out well, hooked me in, but as Mayla prepared to go to Florida I began to worry about the romance aspect. The thing is, romance is my personal hook. If it faded from the story, I was concerned about losing interest. Don't get me wrong. I love Mayla but I really want to see her hooked up with the guy she likes.

I had no reason to fear. Virginia Smith, the author, keeps the pace going the entire book. Every scene has a purpose. Something changes or is discovered. Especially with the romance angle.

That's one of the keys to remember when writing a novel. Even funny scenes should have a purpose, a reason for being written. Every scene should move the story forward, just as the dialogue does.

I'm happy to say that I'm midway through the book and plan to finish it by tonight.

In the words of TobyMac, this book has momentum, baby.


christa allan said…
I have wordpress blogs, but yours should have some thingy (highly technical term) when you post that has save/publish or something like that with the date. Or wordpress there's a tiny edit link--when I click on it, there's a scroll down menu for the date. I put the date I want, then click PUBLISH, not SAVE which would seem to make more sense--not sure if any of this helps or maybe you already figured this out!

Linked to you from Rachelle's blog.

Loved what you said about wanting to read when you drive! Been there, trying not to do that!
Jessica said…
Hi Christa,
Thanks for the advice. I'm going to check it out for when I go out of town.
I'll see you around Rachelle's, lol!

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