Blog Tour Detour

I'm traveling from Kentucky to Florida today, so I decided to reschedule the tour for tomorrow so that I can be involved.

LOL Is that selfish?

Anyhow, to those of you who live north of Florida, WOW, the scenery is incredible. I forgot that there were trees turning purple right now. My four year old is pretty impressed. :-)

So, I'll see you all tomorrow. :-)


Anonymous said…
I think it's only fair you should get to partake in the fun with us!

Have a safe trip home and enjoy the scenery!
Hi Jessica -

We had SNOW today - wet, yucky, slushy stuff. Have a great trip home.

Susan :)
LaShaunda said…

I couldn't find an email for you.

You won a copy of Dara Girard's book.

Please send me your mailing address.

Thanks for stopping by.
Karen Hossink said…
I am WAY north of Florida, and the scenery IS beautiful.
But during those really coooold days in winter, I feel like I would rather have the warmth than the scenery. Can't have 'em both. *sigh*

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