Places To Learn

Though writing is a solitary endeavor, learning is not so much. There are tons of places on the web for a writer to learn the craft and network with other writers. If you've been feeling lonely or like you're off somehow in your writing, check out these valuable resources.

Romance Writer's of America: An invaluable organization, worth every penny of membership. It's good for getting to know other writers, contests, and learning the craft and the industry. If you don't write romance, RWA may still be a great place for you because of all the groups and chapters it has.

American Christian Fiction Writers: Like RWA, this organization is full of valuable info geared to writer of inspirational fiction.

Yahoo Groups: There's a ton of them for writers and readers. I recently joined Romance Junkies, Book Lovers, and JustWriteIt. The first two are good for talking books and promoting yourself. JustWriteIt was formed by Shirley Jump, a bestselling author. It has a lot of helpful writer talk. So does MyBookTherapy, a group recommended by Susan.

Romance Divas: recommended by the Divalicious Kristen Painter. Though I'm not a member, I have perused the very helpful articles on this site.

RWC: Formed by Charlotte Dillon, there's several groups here. One for critiqueing, another for networking. And more, though I don't belong to them.

Just thought I'd share some of the places I lurk, learning and meeting people. If you've been feeling out of the loop, then I hope you'll find some of these places and hook up with some other writers. It does take time, but it's time well-spent, both emotionally and professionally.


Sarah said…
Thanks Jessica! I know I'm always feeling out of the loop. Probably because I AM out of the loop, but these links will certainly help with that!
Well, you're in the blogging loop. :-) There's a lot of camradeship and learning here. I hope you find something useful. RWC is completely free, too.
Hi Jessica -

Thanks for the links. I belong to ACFW. Another one you might want to check out: MyBookTherapy. This group was started by Susan May Warren.

Susan :)
Kristen Painter said…
Hey, you should add Romance Divas up there! Writer's Digest has chosen us one of their best 101 sites for writers 4 years in a row. Not that I'm biased or anything. lol
Anonymous said…
Great links, Jessie! Thanks for the hook-up. :-)

It's true. There's nobody like fellow writers that can understand the emotional ups and downs of this crazy yet rewarding biz.
Hey Susan,
I will check that out! I really wanted to read her book Taming Rafe, just because of that appealing cover *wink*
Kristen, you know, I actually have them on my favorites? It's just been awhile so I forgot.
Looks like I have some editing to do :-)

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