Stuffing Break

Turkey's not my thing, but boy can I eat me some stuffing.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I'll be back on Friday or Saturday. I hope you all have a great holiday.

The Canadians (you know who you are), I hope you have a nice weekend.



Angie Ledbetter said…
Hope your day is stuffed with goodness. ;)
Hi Jessica -

Have a wonderful day with your family.

Susan :)
Kristen Painter said…
Turkey, mashed potatoes with corn and gravy on them and pie. That's what I'm all about. mmmmm....

Have a good one!
Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jessica. May it be a memorable one in the best of ways!

(wink, wink) Thanks for the Canadian wish. My girls are showing in a horse show, so I'm sure I will, if no one gets thrown that is.
anita said…
I LOVE turkey. Yum. And stuffing ... and cranberry sauce ... and the list goes on and on and on.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Jessie!
Jessica said…
Thanks guys! It's been a wonderful day.
I hope yours has also. :-)

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