Those Who Dream

First, our winner of Cheryl Wyatt's A Soldier's Reunion is Lady Glamis. Congrats! E-mail me your snail mail and I'll get this out to you.

Secondly, Thank you to Megan Rebekah for awarding me Karen Hooper's all-original

And thank you to Danyelle for giving me the

Finally, I just want to say how honored and excited I am to "talk" with you all. Really. Not everyone has a dream. I know people who, when asked, don't know what their dreams are. A vision, and dreams are so wonderful and I love sharing this journey with all of you.
If someone asked you what your dreams for the future are, would you tell them you want to get published? Or do you have other dreams besides this rollercoaster adventure?


Jody Hedlund said…
Congrats on the awards! You deserve them! And I agree, it's wonderful to have other writers who can share the ups and downs of the writing life with me! So thanks!
Congratulations on the awards, Jessica. You are so worthy!

Blogging friends to share vision and dreams with are so helpful. My dream isn't necessarily publishing, but rather to write for Him. If publication comes as a part of that, then of course I'd be joyful, but to find myself daily getting closer to God through the journey of writing is the ultimate dream of mine.
Hi Jess -

Two awards in one day - what an honor! Congratulations.

I agree with Eileen. The Lord is the focus of my life. Writing represents one more vehicle to let people know of His love for them.

Susan :)
On the rollercoaster, hands up, screaming like crazy...and I want to run a half marathon. I also want to travel with my husband when we retire and if it's in the cards, I would LOVE to go back to school (Masters of Divinity).

Fun question!
~ Wendy
Thanks Jody, for the congrats. Awards are always fun. :-)
That's such a wonderful, holy dream. I would like that to be my heart's desire too.
Thank you Susan! You and Eileen sound like you have your priorities straight. :-)
LOL Wendy! I love how you described the rollercoaster! :-)
Half a marathon? You're brave. Traveling is something I'd like to do someday also.
Thanks for commenting!
Karen Hossink said…
OK, I'll put it out there - I dream of speaking to large audiences at women's conferences. And it would be totally cool to "get published" by a traditional publisher who would promote my books FOR me.
But then I would lose complete control of my books. And that part is not appealing to a control-freak like myself. *sigh*
Hmmm. I think I might be able to get over it! LOL
Well Karen, not complete control. LOL! I think you'd handle things fine. I hope you do get to speak to super large audiences someday! :-)And be traditionally published.
Unknown said…
What lovely awards! :)
I'd say my dream is to be able to travel the world and write. So technically, that doesn't mean getting published. If I could win the lotto that might give me enough money to quit my day job. :)Congrats on the awards!
Congrats well deserved awards!

Lots of dreams...publish bunches of fiction short stories, inspirational essays and maybe finish a book.

Other dreams are to overcome and be set free from my chronic illness of fibromyalgia, be an encourager to everyone I meet and to love passionately the loves in my life.
I do dream of being published also. However, even if it's not by a major publishing company, that's okay. The bigger dream is to encourage others with the written words and letting them know that they are not alone.

Cindy R. Wilson said…
Congratulations on the awards! I'd definitely say my dreams are centered around writing. I dream of having a writing career that glorifies God. That either through my writing or though my contacts brings people closer to Him.
Congratulations on the awards, Jessica!

I'd say that getting published right now is one of my big dreams. My other dreams for the future are mostly for my husband and children to reach their own goals and dreams as well.
wow...yay for the awards! :) i'm totally agree about chatting with writing friends...they just GET you.
Terri Tiffany said…
I found when I met with the ladies on Sat that many of them didn't have a dream at all. It's important to know what we want and find a way to go after it in my opinion:)
You amaze me with all you do!
Angie Ledbetter said…
Kudos on the two-fer blog blingage!
LOL Karen H.
Didn't you design the latte one? I thought that was pretty cool. Traveling the world sounds wonderful! And it's funny, I'm not sure I need to be published either. I mean, I want to, for a career, but if I wasn't I'd still write. Sounds like you're the same way. :-)
What a wonderful comment! The loves in your life are very blessed to have you rooting for them like that. :-) I like that you have lots of dreams too.
Hi Larie,
It's awesome that you recognize your true motivation behind getting published. I'm sure your words have touched people already.
Thanks Cindy. :-)

I feel like you do.
Thanks Kate!
How sweet that you want that for your family. :-) They're very blessed to have you desiring that for them.
So true Jeannie! There really is a connection and common trials/triumphs.
I fee like you do and have encountered the same things, even with people in my family. And it's not that I think everyone has to have some big, amazing dream. I just think it's good for people to desire something and to work towards it, whether it's being an awesome mommy or an amazing CEO. But to go day by day with no thought to your hearts' desires... it seems a sad way to live.
Thanks Angie. :-) It was nice of Danyelle and Megan to think of me. I'm definitely honored. :-)
Wow! I've won TWO books today!!! And both in genres I don't normally read. This rocks! There's no way my day can go crappy now. Thanks so much!

Congrats on your awards! Those are great ones. :D

I'll email you my address.
Thanks for the congrats. :-)

How funny that you won two books!!! LOL
Deb Shucka said…
So nice that you're being recognized for your lovely blog. It's really helpful to have other writers to connect with, both virtually and in person.
Kara said…
Congrats on the awards! I'd love to be published, but I have so many other dreams to go along with that. I just thank the Lord for each day he gives me and hope I live each one to its fullest so that someday I can accomplish the goals I have:)
Danyelle L. said…
Congrats to everyone!

I dream of being published shortly before I take over the world. >.>

LOL Danyelle,
It might not be too hard, with a face like that. *wink*
Hi Kara,
Great comment. ;-) I'm glad you have so many dreams, and I've got no doubt you'll accomplish alot because you're following God's lead. :-)
Jessie Oliveros said…
I am a little shy of telling people about my writing dreams, except for my blog friends of course. It seems almost like a pipe dream when you tell someone who doesn't understand, well at least before you are actually seeking an agent with a finished book. Maybe then I'll tell.
Hi Jessie,
I completely understand! When people ask what I do, I just say I'm a stay-at-home mom. Sometimes, if the conversation progresses, I'll mention it but most of the people who know me only know I write because my hubby blabbed it. Heh.
:-) And most people really don't understand how much work it is to write a book and then sell it.
Jessie: Congratulations! You earned those, dear one.
My dream is to be all God has for me. I feel a calling to write, and I'd love to have a book or several on the shelf, but if not, that's okay, too.

And to have people stand up at my memorial service and one after the other say, like they did of my dad, "This person made a huge difference in my life for the Lord Jesus Christ and His kingdom." Wow, that would be a dream come true!

Thanks for asking,
* said…
Congrats to you! Yes, I dream of being published, too. I visualize, talk it through, picture it, eat it, sleep it, dream it every day.
PS: I'm glad I found your blog!
I hope at my memorial service people will have lots of good stuff to say too. Great thought and hope! Really wonderful.
Thanks Terresa!
I can't wait to check your blog out. Thanks for stopping by. :-)
Warren Baldwin said…
Congratulations, Jessica, you deserve them!

Thanks Warren. I think we all deserve awards. :-)

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