Official Kissing Day

This Mistletoe Day was thought up by Katie and Sherrinda. Thanks ladies!

Two of my favorite characters, kissing it up!

Later, Prue would blame her actions on her vulnerable state. She might even blame them on his vulnerable state, but in the second before she kissed him, she thought she might be in love.

She leaned forward, on tiptoes, and pressed her lips against his ferocious anger. At first he was unyielding, but she didn’t give up. She needed the contact, and if she was being too bold, she didn’t care.
Death did not wait, it came when it pleased, and she would have this kiss.
She wasn’t quite sure how to do it, but she moved her lips against his, needing him to respond. When he did, it was as though she’d unleashed something she couldn’t control. His mouth slanted over hers, warm and smooth. He pressed her against him, his hands spreading across her back, his fingers burning through her shirt to sear the skin beneath. He wasn’t gentle, but that did not shock her. She kissed him for herself, but also to soothe the monsters within him.

My favorite kissing scene is in an older episode of House, when Cameron finally kisses House. He's so reluctant, and then it's like he just can't resist her...

What kind of kissing scenes do you like? What's your favorite one of all time


Tamika: said…
That was electrifying! You managed to steam up the place and plant seeds of conflict throughout the entire passage! Great writing Jessica.

I want to read more- turn the page!
Katie Ganshert said…
I like it, Jessica! Makes me want to know why he's angry. Thanks for sharing! This is fun!
Now I can't wait to go check out yours!!!
Tamika, thank you for the kind words. :-)
Katie, he's one of my favorite heroes!
Tabitha Bird said…
Oh wow. you girls and your kissing scenes! Wonderful.
Krista Phillips said…
Love it! You have a very strong-willed heroine there:-)
Oh yeah, Krista. She's extremely strong-willed. LOL

Thank you Tabitha! Where's your kissing scene, huh? *wink*
Jennifer Shirk said…
Ooo-la-la, girl!! :) Prue is feisty! LOL

I love a first kiss scene to be a surprise to one or even both of the characters. It goes with my sense of humor, I guess.
Dang girl...good, good stuff. You had me at his mouth slanting over hers, warm and smooth! Whew. I need a breather.

I like when people laugh when they kiss...all that keeps coming to me as a favorite is Dan in Real Life at the bowling alley. :D
~ Wendy
Jennifer, I do too. There's something so romantic and edgy about one person just rushing into their desire and the other taken by the storm. Fun stuff! LOL

Wendy, I remember that movie had some great lines. Thanks for your kind words. :-)
Jessica, this was absolutely fantastic! And I'm so excited to finally have read a little piece of something you wrote. Loved it.

Merry Christmas, lady.
Sarah Forgrave said…
Hmm, I like kissing scenes that go beyond just saying "they kissed" but that don't get too graphic. I think yours is the perfect medium. :-) I can't think of my favorite one of all time, but it's probably in one of Julie Lessman's books. That lady can right crazy good kissing scenes! :-)
Sarah Forgrave said…
Just realized I said "right" instead of "write" in my last sentence. Whoops! :-)
Wow! I love it when a heroine can overcome a reluctant hero by her lips. You accomplished that with beauty, Jessie.
Erica Vetsch said…
Wow!~ And Very Nice!

I want to read more, to find out why he was so angry and why she was so willing to throw caution to the wind!
Unknown said…
Love it! I can not for the life of me decide what my favorite kissing scene is, so I know I'm going to spend all day trying to figure it out...
Jaime Wright said…
Lovin' it!!!! :) :) :) ...
keep up the great writing, my friend. I'm off to search for more mistletoe! :)
Angie Muresan said…
Wow, what a kissing scene, Jessica! My favorite are the kissing sessions with my husband.
Linda Kage said…
Whew, there's smoke coming off my computer. How steamy! I loved your teaser. Thank you for sharing.

I like all types of kissing scenes, or rather the scenes that lead up to a kissing scene and then both of their reactions afterward.

Ahhh. I'm really getting into this Kissing Day Blogfest. So glad someone dreamed it up!
Anonymous said…
Sizzle sizzle! Great scene. :O)
Anonymous said…
Sizzle sizzle! Great scene. :O)
anita said…
WOW! Jessie, I LOVE that kissing scene. Whew. I read it twice it's so good! And of course I've read it once before when I read the story, soooo. Three times, and it still sweeps me away!

That's some fine writing, pal. ;-)
Patti said…
Great scene. A kiss to soothe the beast. I love angry kisses.
Tana said…
Is it just me, or is it getting really hot in here? Jessicia you've got some serious writing chops. Well done girlfriend.
Natalie said…
Mmm, so good (and steamy!) I want to know the rest of the story!
denise petrovich said…
I love that scene also!!! My favorite kissing scene is actually from the movie "French Kiss" at the end when Kevin and Meg Ryan are in the vineyard and they kiss and just how his arms are around her and his hands fist as if he would die without her kiss. So romantic and beautiful. Your scene captures that movie's scene perfectly. Love Mom
Great scene, Jessica! I really enjoyed reading it. You've got incredible talent!
You guys are too nice. :-) Now that I'm home I'm hoping to get around to your kissing scenes too! LOL

Mom, I didn't know that was yours. :-) Sweet.

Thank you everyone for your sweet comments! I'm checking my dashboard now. :-)
Oh, Sarah, I agree. Lessman rocks!

Angie!!! That's so awesome that you have kissing sessions with your man. :-)
Dara said…
What a great scene! I love the passion in it :)

Not sure of my favorite one--probably the one at the end of the new Pride and Prejudice movie. I love how the movie ends with them kissing finally :)

I do also like the one in Beauty and the Beast after the Beast transforms :)
WOW, now that was intense!!!

Merry Christmas, Jessica!
V. S said…
Wow! What a scene you have created! Awesome job!
Unknown said…
Ooooh nice scene. So glad you shared it. I love House too. He's not my typical hero but I cant help but love him. :)
Karen’s Blog
Mary E Campbell said…
Intense Jessica. Loved it. Want to know more. I also liked that kiss between House a Cameron.
Unknown said…
That left me wanting more. Nicely/hotly done.
Awesome. I absolutely love the first sentence... and I love that he wasn't gentle. Rough kissing moments, when done correctly, are the BEST :-)
Karen Lange said…
Talk about some good word pictures. Would be fun to read the rest! :)
Great from the get-go!

Susan :)
Project Journal said…
Wow! Maybe I shouldn't have read this *blush* : P Just joking! Lol! It makes me wanna read more!!

I finally got up a new post on my blog, Jess! Lol...sorry it's been so long. I've just been so busy...well it's all in the post, guess you'll have to check it out ; )
nothing like a good kiss to take the punch right out of his anger. awesome. :)

i WILL get that crit back to you.

jeannieThe Character Therapist
Danyelle L. said…
That was very nice, Jessica! Very nice! *is blushing* O:)
Elana Johnson said…
The monsters within him? I'm so hooked. Excellent!
You all are too sweet!

Jeannie, there's seriously NO rush on the crit. This story isn't even finished, as you can tell by my word counter. Grrr... :-)
I can't believe I am so late in getting to your post! Oh.My.Goodness, Girl! *fanning self* You can write a kiss!!! Whew, I just loved that SHE slanted her mouth over his...sigh-worthy, indeed! Thanks so much for participating and making my day!! You rocked it, for sure!
Stephanie Faris said…
I think I saw that House episode. It bugged me that he didn't kiss her back enough!
Tina Lynn said…
Oh, wow! That was so good. I love the whole I'm-not-going-to-respond-until-I'm-overwhelmed-by-my-own-emotions-and-can't-control-myself kiss. It's perfect!
Jenni James said…
Wow! That was sizzling! I loved it...

And my favorite of all time..? Good grief, I don't know. There are so many. I'm going to have to say from Judith A Lansdowne's books--any one of them.

Jenni James
Nancy said…
There are probably some great kissing scenes in movies I'm forgetting, but this one is from Jane Eyre. Mr. Rochester asks for a kiss and she kissed his two burned eyes, "there, and there." He doesn't believe it's really her.
I'm just a sucker for Jane and Old Edward.
Nancy J. Parra said…
really nice scene. Thanks for sharing! Happy Christmas!
BK Mattingly said…
This is definitely something I'd want to read more of! Great excerpt!
Wow, that scene was so smokin' hot, I don't need to sit by a yule log fire! Yowsers!

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