Publishing Meets the E-book

Here's a fascinating breakdown on how e-books are affecting the publishing industry's bottom line.

The article includes a thought-provoking ending quote by Anne Rice.

How much would you pay for an e-book? Will you ever own an e-reading device? If you do own one, does it "work" as well as a "real" book?


Karen Hossink said…
OK, I am perfectly willing to admit that my attitude *might* change in time. But for now, the thought of an e-book has no appeal for me.
I don't want to worry about charging batteries and finding power cords.
I just like the old fashioned way of reading a real book.
Kristen Painter said…
I love my ereader! It's so awesome to carry 50 books or more with me when I travel. I love that the ereader is easy to hold, that the font size can be changed, that the screen is super easy to read even in bright sun.

For years, I shunned ebooks and ereaders thinking that paper books were the only "real" books. Man, was I wrong. Ereaders rule. I am a convert!!!
Though you can buy my books on ebooks - on Kindle - I've never read one and only seen it once. I like holding books, mine and other author's books, in my hands!

Going to go check out the links! thank you Jessica!
Katie Salidas said…
I'm a big, paperback fan, but ebooks are the hot thing right now. Thanks for the links. I am going to check them out now.
Angie Muresan said…
Not too crazy about the idea of e-books, unless they're textbooks or something like that.
Diane said…
I don't want to own an e-book. Is this the only way some people can get published..... maybe. Good and bad along with so many other things. :O)
You guys are so funny! On one hand it's hard for me to see how I could ever give up my paper books, but on the other I've met so many writers and readers who love their e-readers.
It's pretty intriguing. I thought the financial aspects were interesting too.
Hi Jess -

This article focuses on hardcover books. As a general rule, I don't buy them unless they're A) In the bargain section or B) used. I refuse to spent $25-$30 for a hardcover when I can get a softcover for much less.

As far as ereaders, I'm sure they'll gain in popularity. They're a curiosity right now and too expensive for my budget. I also worry about how reliable they are, how long they last, and what happens if you drop them?

When my computer breaks down, it causes a lot of problems and expense. If I drop a softcover book, I pick it up and move on. I doubt if that scenario would hold up with an ereader.

Susan :)
Well... how long do you have?

I can't see myself with an ereader, but I'm the one who said, "Videos will never catch on!" LOL!

What if I spilled coffeee on it? What if one of my grandkids dropped it in the toilet? What if I couldn't find a book I wanted to load into it?

Please let me stay in my little "I love the smell, feel and general romance of a paper book." I'm not a dog, and I'm not old, but this is one new trick I don't want to learn.
Linda Glaz said…
I don't see myself very happy when I drop a kindle into the bathtub (the only place in the house where I can indulge in reading without interruption). Replacing an $8 paperback (or drying it on the heat duct) is better than a $250 kindle. Besides, there's something about the written word in your hands. Good article by the way.
I have a Kindle DX and love it! There are no complaints only raves! I pay an average of $9 for a book but I've had some that were less and one that was free!
Kara said…
I'm going to go check out this link, but my friend and I were just talking about these. I could see if I was traveling and needing to bring tons of research books this would be handy. Or if I was travelling Europe and wanting to bring reading material...But since I won't be doing that anytime soon I think I'll stick with paper for now:)
Karen Lange said…
Will have to take a peek, thanks!
You all make good points about dropping it, etc. That's something I'd be concerned about, since right now I pretty much take my book of the week everywhere with me.
You may not know me at all, but I found your blog and I enjoy it so I am giving you the Honest Scrap Award. Check out my blog to pick it up.
Hi Tyrean, wow, I'm honored. :-) Thank you!
Jennifer Shirk said…
I was a person down on ebooks until I got an ereader, too.
I was skeptical, but it really is great--and dare i say better--than reading paper books now that I have my ereader.
anita said…
I'm old fashioned, and love the feel of a book in my hand, the scent of the ink and sound of the pages while I'm reading.

But I also know better than to stick my head in the sand and try to ignore the inevitable. Ebooks are here to stay. And the upside to that is a lot more authors will be getting their stuff read.

My only hope is that there will always be both to choose from. I don't want paper / hardback books to become archaic or a thing of the past.
patti said…
I am trying to be a compromising woman here. My green side loves the idea of E-books. My tactile side loves the smell, the feel, the look of my friends.

Perhaps a Kindle birthday gift will allow me to analyze things!!!

Robyn Campbell said…
Uh uh. No way. I will never give up my snuggle time, holding my book, feeling the crispness of the pages as I turn them and fall into the world I'm reading about.

I know some folks love e-books. I'll head over and check out these links. But I hope some people will always love real books. I mean what will they put on their bookshelves?

Jess, thank you for your lovely words over at my blog this weekend. And for your prayers. We need them desperately. Yeah the seizures were awful. After God led us to the trials for the anti-seizure drug felbatol we were relieved and more relaxed. But there are ALWAYS things to worry about and to be concerned over where Christopher is concerned. Sturge-Weber is a frightening disorder. Stroke at the top of the list. And blindness from the glaucoma. Anyway, thank you Jess. You have my utmost respect and support. =)
Tamika: said…
I LOVE my Kindle! It reads beautifully. I would be willing to continue paying what they cost now- $6- $10.

So worth it!
At this time, I don't own one. Do I want one? Ummm... it's a cool new toy for a nerdy book lover like myself... so yeah I think I do. However, it's not on my priority list when I can still get my hands on a paperback so easily and my pockets don't run quite so deep.
Sarah Forgrave said…
I think I'll cave in and get an e-reader eventually, mostly because I keep running out of bookshelf space for all my printed books. I've just started passing them along to friends lately, which is fine until I think, "I'd love to re-read that one...Oh wait, I gave it away."
Julie Dao said…
Thank you for this post, Jessica! I've been curious about e-books for some time now and I'm still not sure I have an opinion on them. For one thing, I don't have an e-reader yet, but I may just one someday. I still really love reading an actual paper-and-ink book, though, and I don't think anything could really take the place of that for me. I'm so undecided!
denise petrovich said…
I am old-fashioned also. I love having my paper book in my hands when I read. I often stop and ponder what I've read and the computer doesn't seem to offer the same warmth appeal that a book offers. Good luck to you who want the new, but I like sticking with the tried and true. I guess you may be trying the new Jess? Love Mom
Elana Johnson said…
I suppose I should be more knowledgeable about this, but for now, I'm just watching the waves as they come in and out. :)
Deb Shucka said…
I have two good friends with Kindles and they swear by them and in fact are giving their books away. I'm not quite ready for a life without books, and only reading.
You all are too funny!

Jennifer, I can't believe you dared say that! *grin*

Anita, I feel about the same way you do. I'm sure I could get into an e-reader fine, but I'm always going to prefer a book in my hand and pages to dog-ear. Heh.

Patti, sounds like a great gift to me! Then you can let us know what you think. :-)
LOL Robyn, that's exactly what it is, snuggle time. YOu phrased it so perfectly. :-) Thanks for sharing more about your son. You and your family are definitely on my heart.

Wow Tamika. So what I'm hearing here is that people who don't own Kindles love their books, but people who own Kindles love their Kindles. LOL

Hi Melinda,
I'm the same way when it comes to loving the easy pick-up of paperbacks. And we'll probably never be able to buy books for fifty cents on a kindle, right? lol Though I wonder if someday consumers will be able to sell e-books through e-bay to other consumers? Like we do with paper books...Definitely an interesting future landscape.
Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :-)
Sarah, I wouldn't mind getting one someday either.

Julie, I know how you feel! Erk.

Hey mom, you ponder it, huh? *grin* Well, I'm glad you've taken the time to "ponder" my books and I'm also thankful for all the books you pass my way! Keep on reading, it's doing me good. Heeheee. Thanks for commenting!
Elana!! I thought you knew everything. lol Maybe with all this watching you can see if the e-reader will be the cd of the book industry...or the eight-track.

Me too Deb. I own books I've never read just because I LOVE books. :-)
Many, many moons from now--about the time it goes extinct--I hope to own an ipad. :0)
Jessie Oliveros said…
Wow, what a break-down of numbers. And you'd think the e-book would be so much more profitable. Thanks for the article!
Emma said…
I have a kindle which I love, but I don't think you can beat the smell of a book.

Besides, going back to my post on your ''Do you abuse your books?'' post, how can I bend the spine right back, write notes on, or dog-ear my kindle?
Not sure I will, I like to abuse a good book. Maybe when the device is so cheap I might buy to try, but at the moment they hold no appeal.

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