Coming Up: Some Rocking New Titles!

My To-Be-Read list is crazy long, but I have two books that I'm salivating to read. Okay, okay, I all ready got to peek at one in manuscript format (heehee!) but my hands are itching to hold it for a reread!

Sometime before Christmas I'll be reviewing the amazing Julie Lessman's new book A Light In The Window. I'm a big fan of hers (my reviews HERE and HERE) and can't wait to read Marcy and Patrick O'Connor's romance.

Then, right before New Years fellow blogger RookieRiter and I will be hosting a SuperFab red carpet event with the boys of Splintered. This is author A G Howard's debut novel and I'm in love with it. Well...actually, I'm really in love with one of the characters. He's a little bit of a Bad Boy. *grin* You'll find out who he is when I interview him right on my very own blog!! (bonus: he has an accent)

So which books are you wanting to read? Waiting on any new works by favorite authors? And last but not least, who melts your butter more: the best friend hero or the bad boy hero?


Karen Lange said…
My TBR pile is crazy long too, and my wish list? Well, quite lengthy as well. Looking forward to reading Julie Klassen's latest, coming out in a few months.

Happy Monday!
Sandra Orchard said…
I love that title, Splintered. I'm a best friend hero kind of gal :) And next on my reading list is the book you sent me :) Looking forward to it!
Karen, I hope to read one of her books soon. I've heard good things!

LOL Sandra, I know that cuz you answered my FB question about it. :-) I love the title too! It's her original pick too...the publisher let her keep it.
Jennifer Shirk said…
I'm trying to catch up on my TBR pile too!
I'm a sucker for the best friend hero (since that's what I'm writing at the moment!) LOL
Loree Huebner said…
More to add to the TBR pile. I look forward to a good Christmas read.
pol said…
Jessica, since we all are avid readers bet there is not one among us that doesnt have a staggering falling down around us TBR pile..yep me too.
I am hoping to get this book by Julie too when I have so many others still to read. we just cant seem to pass up one more story can we?

Happy Holidays my friend

Paula O(
Jennifer, I need to read another one of your books. I really loved that first one!

Loree, I saw your post about your pup. *hugs*
Unknown said…
Ooh, now I want to read both of these!
Our red carpet affair is going to ROCK! Not only because we'll all be swoontastic in our fancy New Year's Eve garb, but because readers will be introduced to a certain Mr. Holt who puts your accented boy to shaaaaame.

Oh yeah...let the trash talking begin! HA! Can't wait to host with you, dolly!
I definitely love the best friend hero, but a bad boy is fun too! Hard to pick.

My TBR pile is enormous. Need more time to read!!!
Janet Smart said…
I think i like the best friend hero best. I have quite a few books I've been trying to read.
Aw, great post Jessie-lou! Thanks for the mention! And "M" told me to tell you that he's "looking forward to the bash, luv."


*waves to Bethany*

P.S. The cover for A Light in the Window is sooooo lovely! Warms my heart just looking at it!
Anonymous said…
Definitely the 'bad boy' melts my butter more! And I agree that the cover of A Light in the Window is beautiful!
Nancy said…
Those book covers look fabulous. Both books look interesting. I guess I tend to favor the bad boy, but not too bad. I do have my standards.
Patti said…
Amazing covers. I've been eyeing Splintered myself.
Patti, I loved it. :-)

Nancy, me too! lol

Love all your answers to the question! Good thing there are plent of bad boys and best friends to go around. :-)

Anita, you heard from M? *swoon*

Hey Bethany...I caaaaaaaaan't heeeeeaaaaar youuuuuuuu! lol
I can't wait to crack open James Rubart's latest book, "Souls Gate." I also have Jody Hedlund, Tamera Alexander, and Kristen Heitzmann books waiting in the wings.

Two non-fiction books are also on the pile. I won Marja Meijers' book, and Jan Cline sent me her book.

I definitely like the good guys. I stay away from the other kind both in real life and in books.

Sarah Forgrave said…
Love Julie's books! And as for heroes, a good author will make me fall in love with either kind, but I have to admit that best-friend heroes are my fave. :)
Linda Kage said…
I want to read Splintered some time. Glad to hear you like it!

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