My Golden Heart Entry is Finally Off

I finally sent it off!

I ran into a word count snafu and that's why I had to disappear from the blogosphere. Even with devoting as much free time as I could to writing, I think I only topped 3k a day once.

How many words are you able to get in per day? What's the most you've ever written in one day? With the holidays looming, how has your word count been going?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May your fingers be nimble, your stories be fruitful and your tummies filled. :-)


Patti said…
The most I had was around 3000, but that's rare unless I'm really feeling it.

Happy turkey day to you.
Sarah Forgrave said…
Good for you, sticking with it! Um, yeah, my word count has been dismal lately. :/
Sherrinda said…
The best I've done is 4000 in a day. But that is so incredibly rare. I'm lucky to get in 500 a day if that! The holidays and busy days at work zap the energy. But a little is better than none, so I'm happy. :)
Jill Kemerer said…
Woo-hoo! Golden Heart! I hope you final!

The most I've written was around 5500 words, but I think my sanity snapped that week. I rarely write more than 2500!

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!
Lydia Kang said…
What a lovely Thanksgiving Day mantra!

I hope you have a great holiday too. Good luck on the Golden Heart!
Jessica Nelson said…
Patti, yeah, it's tough getting the words out. It really required that I not be anal about my rough draft, but just write. Hope you have a wonderful tomorrow!

Sarah, I hope it stops being dismal soon. Or that even if you only get some wordage in, that it is healthy wordage. :-)
Jessica Nelson said…
Sherrinda, I don't know how full-time workers do it! It has to be exhausting. Good for you on the five hundred words. They add up, right? :-)

Jill, if I could do 2500 in a day, that would be awesome! And if I final, I seriously think I'll faint. LOL Thanks for the encouragement!

Hey Lydia, thanks for stopping by and for your sweet words. :-)
Terri Tiffany said…
Good you got it out! Happy Thanksgiving to you!!
The most I've written was 5000 or so.
patti said…
Proud of you, girl.
I never do word counts. Must be the only remaining dinosaur. Just scenes. Or page count.

Or until I need coffee or lunch...or someone needs me.

Have a Great Thanksgiving!!
Diane said…
So exciting! Fingers are crossed and prayers going out for your entry. I am so excited for you! :O)
Anonymous said…
WOOOHOOO!! You can't win if you don't enter. Congratulations.

I don't count words. I should, but it's never enough is it?

And you are correct..writing and working full time is a challenge. I have to force myself to leave the house several nights a week and some of the weekend and hit the library or bookstore so I don't get distracted by things like.. LAUNDRY! LOL.

Jessica, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Hi Jess -

Congrats on the entry! The most I've written in a day is 3,000 words.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Susan :)
Jessica Nelson said…
Sheesh, Terri! That's a ton!!! LOL

Patti, doesn't matter how you count it, right? *grin*

Hey Diane, thank you! You're making me excited by being excited for me. Heeheee!
Jessica Nelson said…
Hi Tina,
Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, that's what I tell myself about entering. Can't win if I don't. And I don't blame you at all for needing to get out of the house to write. My hat goes off to all full-timers out there.
Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving too. :-)

Thanks Susan!
Keli Gwyn said…
Congratulations, Jessie, on getting your Golden Heart entry on its way. Here's hoping your name appears on the list of finalists come March 25.

Happy Thanksgiving. One of the many things I'm thankful for is that I got to meet you in person at Nationals in Orlando. =)
Tabitha Bird said…
I once managed 10K. I was feeling pretty crappy that day and writing was my drug of choice :)
Jaime said…
Words per day ... yep - about 2,000 which means i usually only get about an hour to write. But it's better than nothin'. Good luck on the contest!!!!! Keep us posted!!!!
Nancy said…
Hope your entry brings you good news and that you are enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday with your family.

The most words I've done in a day is about 1400.
Glynis said…
Congratulations! I admire those who juggle family and writing. A wonderful Thanksgiving gift for you.

I wrote 4,000 in a day last week. It was the hardest writing day I have ever had. I needed to finish NaNoWriMo early. I would never be able to do it again!
Faith said…
Congrats on getting the entry off, and good luck with it :) ...sounds nerve wracking and wonderful at the same time!

This NaNo, I wrote almost 8k one day, but it hasn't happened again. And it's definitely not a regular thing! My poor wrists would give up in protest...
I admire your fortitude, Jessie! Good for you.

I don't keep track of words, just set goals for project ending dates; that seems to work best for me, with my work schedule.

Jessica Nelson said…
Hi Jeanette,
I think that's wise, to make goals based on what's doable, not on how others do it. :-) I'm really not that fortitudious, but sometimes I have moments. *grin*

Thanks Faith! It IS nerve-wracking! Congrats on 8k! That's is AMAZING!!!

Hey Glynis,
Good for you! You met your goal and I'll bet you could do 4k again. :-)
Jessica Nelson said…
Thank you Nancy. :-) I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too!

Keli, I would be so amazed and delighted if I finaled! And it was great to meet you too! I wish we could've sat down and chatted more. But I have a feeling we'll meet again. :-)

LOL Tabitha! Writing is a wonderful drug, right? Very peaceful and hurts no one...well, except our hygiene and our butts. LOL
Jessica Nelson said…
Jaime, I usually write 1k in an hour, so 2k is doing pretty good. :-) I think it's esp. awesome considering you have a family, ministry and full-time work.
Deb Shucka said…
Good for you, Jessica! That must feel absolutely wonderful. My word count is way off right now because of the holiday, but I'm really close to finishing the first draft. I've done 6,000 in a day, but felt nearly catatonic afterwards.
Warren Baldwin said…
HOpe your Thanksgiving was great! wb
Linda Kage said…
Good luck with Golden Heart!!
Jennifer Shirk said…
Good luck!!

I think the most I wrote in one day was about 3,000 words. I don't know if I'll ever see that again. LOL
anita said…
Hey there! How did I miss this post? I guess I was caught up in the holiday craziness.

Congrats on turning in the entry. ;-)

Hmm. I think the most I've ever written in a day was 6K, and that was the end of my YA. That day is a blur. Heh...

Happy holidays and good luck with your entry!
Jessica Nelson said…
LOL Jennifer, I know how you feel.

Thanks Linda and Warren!

Woohoo, Deb! That's awesome! Sorry about the catatonic feeling though. LOL
Caryn Caldwell said…
Congratulations on getting your GH entry off! Isn't it a wonderful feeling? I swear I was giddy for days when I sent mine. And then I realized that that meant it was time to start querying.

Good luck with the Golden Heart!

Oh, and as for word count, I once did twenty pages in a day. Don't know the word count, since I was counting pages then, but it was 12 pt. and double-spaced. Guess I was inspired.
T. Anne said…
What did you send off, your MS? That's fantastic! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving Jessica!!!

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