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To Pick a Scabbing Wound

After my involvement in that accident, my grandma suggested I write out what happened as a healing exercise. I used to write in a diary all the time, but since getting married, that has fallen to the side. Even when I did it though, the words were subdued for fear that someone like me might walk into the room. To write about something that hurts to think about seems to me rather like picking at a scabbing wound. But I think for some writing out their hurts aides in the healing process. How do you release emotion? Do you think writing about a painful event is healthy or counterproductive? And do you journal? If so, what about?

When Thanksgiving Doesn't Feel Right

Last weekend I was involved in a horrific accident. I walked away physically unscathed. The other person did not. Right now a young man is in ICU in serious condition. I'm very thankful for my family, my friends, my health, but I can't help but wonder how this young man's family is feeling this Thanksgiving. If you would, please pray for my emotions and for this young man (Larry), that he'd fully recover. For those of you on a mountain peak, may your Thanksgiving be wonderful and merry and full of good food. And to those of you in the valley right now, I feel you and hope you'll see a sunny spot where you can rest awhile. Perhaps finding a blessing to hold close until your journey brings you back to the mountain top. Where are you right now? Have you ever been in a dark spot on a holiday? How did you end up leaving that place? Happy Thanksgiving!

Welcome Debut Author Lisa Jordan!

Lakeside Reunion : Bed-and-breakfast owner Lindsey Porter prays she won’t run into Stephen Chase when she returns to Shelby Lake. Five years ago, the cop jilted her to marry another woman, and Lindsey fled town. But no sooner does she hit city limits than Stephen pulls her over for a broken taillight. Despite the past, he’s still able to stir up Lindsey’s old feelings for him. Now a widower and single dad, Stephen recognizes a second chance when he sees one. And he’ll do anything to make Lindsey trust in God and take a risk for love—again. Read an excerpt of Lakeside Reunion Today I'd like to welcome debut Love Inspired author Lisa Jordan ! Below is a short interview with this lovely author. Why did you choose to be a writer? When I was 16, I read The Promise by Danielle Steele. The happily ever after ending made my heart sigh. At that moment, I knew I wanted to create the same heart-sighing promise of hope and happily ever after for my readers. Where is the worst place you&

And Now, Live on the Silver Screen....

It's just little ol' me and my book trailer. One of the great things about the changes happening in the publishing industry is the introduction of the book trailer. I definitely think it has great potential to drive sales...if used in the right way. I have seen incredibly boring trailers, long-winded and dry. I've seen okay ones. And then I've seen ones that made me click over to read the book blurb. Making a book trailer is hard work. Will anyone buy a book because of its trailer? Who knows? But I feel like a great, hooky trailer will generate interest in looking at the story. Which can lead to sales or at least some kind of buzz. Below is my trailer . I had a really fun time making it, even though I'm not sure I utilized everything the best way. You can also check out my good friend Anita's blog where she hosts a Trailer Thursday every week. Have you ever made a trailer? Thought about it? What do you look for in one, and do you think a great traile

The Path to Publication

I'm at work all day today but wanted to give Loretta Boyett a shout-out. She graciously invited me to guest post on her blog this week. If you're interested in hearing a more detailed account of the events leading up to The Call, you can read about it HERE . Hope you all have an awesome weekend!

Set the Hook and Reel that Fishie In!

Most of you know my husband is a fishing show host. The man loves fishing. I don't really go with him, but I hear enough lingo to know if you want to catch a fish, you have to set the hook. Setting the hook involves forceful action: You've got to yank the rod at the right moment. Too soon and the fish gets away. Too late and the fish swallows the hook. Books are kind of the same way. We start our chapters with a hooky first line, but do we end the chapter that way? On a conflict or a question that the reader must read on to discover more? I think the end of each chapter is a solid place for setting a hook. And while the first few pages are great bait for getting a nibble, it's the hook setting that will allow you to reel your fish in. How does your book end? Do you think the reader is reeled into your author boat? Which authors have reeled you in? And did it happen on the first nibble of their books?

I'm a Guest!!

I have a guest post up over at Seekerville , the IT place for all writers, pubbed and unpubbed. If you've never visited, I highly recommend making them a daily stop. In the meantime, if you have time, hit me up over there today. :-)