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Architect of Song: You Should Read This!

I have been remiss!! One of my very dearest friends recently released the book that made me fall in love with her writing. I'll be doing an interview soon, along with some swagalicious giveaways. In the meantime, I just want to throw out mad props to an incredible woman who writes so lushly, so gorgeously, I can only dream of growing up to be like her someday. Congrats A G Howard !

Playing at Seekerville! Writer Unboxed and a Giveaway

Come join me at Seekerville today for great conversation and a giveaway. :-)

GoodReads Q&A

I'm over at GoodReads today. :-)

GoodReads Giveaway! A Hasty Betrothal

Woohoo!!! It's that time again! GoodReads giveaway. :-) Goodreads Book Giveaway A Hasty Betrothal by Jessica Nelson Giveaway ends August 07, 2016. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter Giveaway

Women Rock the Writing World

GREAT Article...I'm so excited to be a part of this innovative, empowering industry.

Traveling...It's SO Flye (yes, I'm for realz!)

I am soooo excited to be a part of some new technology that's going to add to my traveling. Meaning...FUN. :_) You can read about the awesome FLYE card HERE . Contact me if you're interested in saving money while traveling OR making money while traveling. :-) My e-mail is Jessica_nelson7590 @ yahoo DOT com or you can always catch me on Facebook . Here's a pic of the card! Yay!!! And I do have another book coming out in August. A Hasty Betrothal . More about that later. Happy July everyone!

Tangled Lies by Connie Mann

Tangled Lies was a treat to read! I've read Mann's work before, so I knew to expect solid writing and great chemistry between the main characters. What I didn't expect was how deftly she wove the plot. It kept me guessing! I love thrillers and mysteries and romantic suspense, but I can usually guess who the villain is, what they want, etc, before the end of the book. Not so with this one. Mann dropped enough hints so that I was constantly formulating theories, but I could never exactly solve the mystery. Kept me hooked!! And yet, when I reached the end, everything just fell into place. I also love Mann's ability to show sexual tension in a clean way. She writes CLEAN romances that are great for spiritual and nonspiritual audiences. She knows how to write realistic passion without overstepping the boundaries of her genre. I really, really enjoyed this book. Great characters and I hope that the heroine's sisters will get their Happily Ever After in future books! I&#

August Release Cover!!

Woohoo!!! I have a new cover! You can preorder A Hasty Betrothal too. I LOVE this one. The Love Inspired art department has done a truly fabulous job with covers. All of my fellow authors have gorgeous covers too. Barnes and Noble Harlequin Amazon

Ladies In Defiance!

Do you like strong, innovative historical women? Do you admire them and love to read about them? I'm guest posting at Heather Blanton's blog, Ladies In Defiance . Stop by for some riveting stories about the women who helped shape history!

Review by Amy at Building Life's Library and seeing things I've never seen

Amy at Building Life's Library did a wonderful review of The Matchmaker's Match ! It always surprises me when people pick up on things about my characters that I didn't even realize were there. I'm not a plotter nor do I plan in-depth characterization. My characters come to me and I do my best to write them as they are but then...I have to edit a lot. ;-) I'm so happy she liked Amelia and Spencer! Do your characters ever surprise you? Do people see you differently than you see yourself?

Try Harlequin Series...FREE books, people!

Harlequin is rolling out a new campaign...and it involves the most adorable videos and FREE books. You can check it out HERE . Happy Saturday!

Inside Tips from Love Inspired Historical Authors!

Good morning! I'm playing over at Seekerville today. The Seekers are hosting an informative day of insider tips...stop by for fun and knowledge! The editors of LIH are also having a pitch opportunity!

Author Fair January 23, 2016

HOMOSASSA, FL January 23, 2016 – For any parties interested in meeting the authors of Citrus County, the Citrus County Library System will be hosting its 6th Annual Local Author Fair on Saturday January 23rd from 11am to 3pm at the Homosassa Branch. Over twenty local authors will be available to answer questions, sign books, and give a rare glimpse into their personal creative processes. This is a unique opportunity to interact with the region’s top writers in a one on one setting. For those aspiring to become authors themselves, the library has arranged several workshops throughout the day. These workshops will be presented by some of Citrus County’s most experienced authors. At 11am Jessica Nelson (ME) will present, “You’ve Written a Book, Now What? The Submission Process”. At 12pm Dylan Newton will present, “How to Write a Compelling Back Cover for Your Novel”. At 1pm Loretta Rogers will present “Reasons Why Editors/Agents Reject Novels” At 2pm Michelle Weidenbenner will presen

Happy Friday, Peeps!

Woohoo, another Friday has rolled around! What are you working on this weekend?