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Submission Update

A publisher has had my full for three months now. Knowing I could get a rejection, revision or a call any day is so nerve-wracking! What would happen with my life if I got published? How would it change? It's a new year. Many of you said you'd like to start querying this year. Have you began yet? How is it going? How would getting published change your life, and do you think you're ready?

Woot, Woot for Keli Gwyn!

If you don't know Keli , I'd be surprised. For the past few years she's been interviewing romance writers over at Romance Writers on the Journey . She even interviewed ME at one point. Keli is an encouraging, wonderful person. She sends gifts, creates First Sale Scrapbooks (I have one, it's waiting still for that sale, lol), and tries to support writers in different ways. I just found out that Keli has SOLD a book! You can read her call story HERE . She's been working toward this goal for a long time. How long have you been writing? Are you aware of the averages regarding the amount of manuscripts written and the number of years that pass before a sale is obtained? Do the stats challenge you or depress you? Congrats Keli!

Judging By the Cover

" some of us aren't the typical romance reader who has time to read one book after another while the husband is away at work, while we're waiting on the kids at soccer practice or while we're homeschooling our kids. " I read this comment on a blog the other day. It made me laugh a little but also caused me to think about how easy it is to generalize people. I tend to think romance writers have certain qualities in common, but what about romance readers? Do you think their commonalities are more internal than external? When you think of someone who reads romance, what do you see? Have you ever made an assumption about someone and then been proven completely wrong?

I'll Never Love Again

A soulmate or soul mate is a person with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity, love, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality, and/or compatibility Love is a complicated thing. Do you believe that there's a perfect fit out there for everyone? How do you handle writing a story about a widow(er) or a divorced character who meets someone special? Which type of story do you prefer to read, the first-time-falling-in-love or the second-time-around-but-just-as-special romance?