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A Book Called By Any Other Name

I always said I'd only read REAL books. You know, the ones printed on paper. :-) Over a year ago my sister gave me a Nook and I find reading on it pretty easy. In fact, my favorite thing is to eat and munch and the Nook allows me to accomplish that without needing a napkin to wipe my fingers so I can turn a page. Not only that, but there's a free iBooks app on my iPhone. I never thought I'd read a book on a phone...but I do. And it's easier than I thought it would be. Reality came crashing in the other day though. I was at school, waiting for my son's lunch to eat with him. I picked up my Nook to read...and got an ERROR message. Wah!! And suddenly I remembered why I love paperbacks so much. They're dependable. Resilient. Not reliant on batter power or software. While I appreciate the electronics and will use them, I'm sticking with my first love. Paper and ink. How do you do most of your reading? Why?

Very Naughty Blogger

Okay...I confess!!! I've been horrible. But it's a new year and that will change. It seems like blogging in general is going through some changes but it's my first choice still so I'll be keeping at it. My manuscript is submitted!! Complete with synopsis and query (so hard! blech). Now I'm faced with two choices: Begin my next WIP or take a manuscript that is already done but has been rejected by traditional publisers and test the waters of self-publishing with it. Hmmmmm. Speaking of publishing, two lovely ladies have wonderful news. Heather Sunseri has a book coming out soon called Mindspeak. The cover is spectacular! If you like YA, you might want to check this out. Also, Susan Reinhardt just announced the sale of her first book (and the acquisition of an agent)!! Go, Susan!!! How is your January going? What choices do you face today? Any awesome news to share?

Getting Ready to Submit

I'm knee-deep in the last read of my WIP before I submit it to my publisher. My nerves are...well, they're doing something like jangling, quivering, buzzing, freaking out....LOL I thought today would be fun to participate in a fun bloghop I was invited to join by two other authors: Brandi Boddie Connie Mann Here we go: What is your working title of your book ? Family On The Range Where did the idea come from for the book ? I don't know...ideas just show up. :-) What genre does your book fall under ? Inspirational historical romance Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition ? Eeek! That's so hard!! I'm not visual. I do think my hero looks kind of like Brad Pitt. Not sure about the heroine.... What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book ? A reclusive housekeeper defies the employer she's in love with in order to rescue a child. Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency ? Represented by me an