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Ladies In Defiance!

Do you like strong, innovative historical women? Do you admire them and love to read about them? I'm guest posting at Heather Blanton's blog, Ladies In Defiance . Stop by for some riveting stories about the women who helped shape history!

Review by Amy at Building Life's Library and seeing things I've never seen

Amy at Building Life's Library did a wonderful review of The Matchmaker's Match ! It always surprises me when people pick up on things about my characters that I didn't even realize were there. I'm not a plotter nor do I plan in-depth characterization. My characters come to me and I do my best to write them as they are but then...I have to edit a lot. ;-) I'm so happy she liked Amelia and Spencer! Do your characters ever surprise you? Do people see you differently than you see yourself?

Try Harlequin Series...FREE books, people!

Harlequin is rolling out a new campaign...and it involves the most adorable videos and FREE books. You can check it out HERE . Happy Saturday!