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Consistent Characterization (Repost)

Good morning, Cyberworld! I'll be reposting some of my old material. Here you go. Updated repost #1. For the month of February, but starting in January (muahahaha), I'll be reposting my thoughts on characterization. Sometimes when I read a series of books where they are all tied into the same family or place, I notice that a main character from a previous book doesn't seem as real when put in a secondary role. It's always disappointing to me that someone I loved becomes such a shadow, as though a secondary character can't be as strong as the current main character. It's not consistent. I read Julie Lessman's A Passion Denied . This is the third book in her Daughters of Boston series and the heroine is the third sister in the family. There's a scene where all three sisters from the book are together in the kitchen and it made me laugh several times. Lessman did something I don't usually see. She managed to keep each character strong an