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Butt On Chair Butt In Seat Butt Glue This is what writers should do. Sit down and write. For many of us, especially if unpublished or without a contract, we tend to procrastinate. Right when we're about to write, we remember that our blinds need cleaning. Back in the day, I used to pound out 1k a day. I'm trying to work back up to that but it's been pretty challenging. Do you have daily goals with your writing? What area in life do you find yourself procrastinating the most?

Stakes, And I Don't Mean the Vampire Kind

Finally I got to see this movie I've been wanting to see for months. The previews rocked and I'm happy to say that I loved the movie too. :-) As I was watching it in the theater (yay!), I was processing the format of the storytelling, the characters, the dialogue, even how the director used the setting and visuals to create mood. I immediately connected to the heroine because she was a little girl imprisoned by a wicked queen. I rooted for her to be free and cheered (inwardly, of course) when she escaped. Then came my AHA moment. A hero is tracked down, a guy who can follow the heroine into dark places and bring her back. I didn't want him to. I wondered why he would. Then the evil queen offers him something that made my breath clench and immediately hooked me into the story. You see, the hero is found drunk and careless. He's a widower who lost his way when his beloved wife was murdered. The wicked queen sees his loneliness...his pain. She has evil powers

I've Been a Bad Girl

I missed my Wednesday posting! Of course, that's not the end of the world for anyone but I still felt guilty. Not only that, but I also need to confirm what the writers who read my book all ready know: I head hop. I head hop, and the editors were okay with it. How is this possible?'s been my experience so far (and subject to change) that editors don't care about all the same "rules" writers do. Head hopping seems to be something writers obsess about but in reality, when it's done well, neither readers or editors notice. When it's not done well, then a scene may be confusing, etc. (disclaimer: I am not claiming to be a good head hopper, just that I do it). In a few weeks, I'm going to hold a Godiva contest. *grin* That's right, Godiva to the person who can find a certain spot in my book...I'll post the rules later. If you haven't read Love On The Range, I'm doing a GoodReads giveaway this week (did I mention I adore GoodR