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Writer's Brain Strikes Again

It was a dark and mysterious night.... No, actually, it happened in the school library. The Chair of her school's organization was sitting with her notes, trying to listen and maybe even look somewhat professional, but her mind kept wandering. Suddenly she heard a voice (the voice of the principal, by the way). "Mrs. Nelson, could you read this next part for us?" "Um..." She looked down at her papers, scanning, searching... Yes, my blogger friends, Writer Brain has struck me many, many times. I had to admit to daydreaming that afternoon, not once, but TWICE, because I had no clue where we were. There's a reason I'm not in corporate. Ha! Have you ever been struck stupid by Writer's Brain? How about Baby Brain (you know, when you're pregnant?) Do tell!


It is a gorgeous Florida day. All sun and winter nip. I'm traveling today and admiring the beauty around me. How is your weather? Can you find beauty in it? What settings do you love to read about in books?

Times Are Changing

I used to love blogging but feels like the blogosphere is changing. I'm definitely not ready to give up my blog but I might be doing a once a month thing instead. Like a newsletter almost, but in the form of a blog post? Not sure yet. In the meantime, I have a few awesome interviews coming up. Author Loretta Boyett has a book out and I'll be interviewing her soon about that. Paralegal Beth Thompson grew up in Ocala, Florida, the only child of doting parents. Although her childhood was a sheltered one, the terrifying nightmare that has dogged her for as long as she can remember continues to haunt her. Joseph P. Hill, an unscrupulous Sarasota Attorney, doesn’t care how he makes a buck as long as he makes lots of them. When he unearths a missing link to Beth’s past, Joe concocts the perfect scheme to make this discovery pay off and lures an unsuspecting Beth to Ft. Lauderdale Beach. Angry that her boss, attorney Alan Knight, does not return her feelings, she take

Conversations With an Eight Year Old

We were driving in the car the other day and my oldest turns to me and says, "Mom, do you think there's a portal for Heaven and a portal for hell?" I was taken aback but definitely amused. I smiled and said, "Sure, why not?" From there conversation turned to wormholes, portals, time travel and all other cool stuff. Basically along the lines of quantum physics. My son is not an all A student but he is a curious and bright little boy (seriously, I'm not at all biased *wink*). I can't wait to see what kind of job he decides to have as an adult and where his imagination takes him. Do you think about portals? What kind of cool and surprising things have you heard kids say?