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Love Inspired Reader Appreciation Event in Tampa, FL

Woohooo!!! Love Inspired, my publisher and the inspirational imprint of Harlequin, is hosting a reader appreciation event on January 30th in Tampa, Florida at the Crowne plaza. There will be a ton of your favorite authors there (and lucky me, I get to go too!). Hope to see you there. Also, my e-book Remember Love is FREE right now at Amazon and Kobo . Do you like free books? I do!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas all my blogger friends! Even though I spend most of my time on Facebook, I'll never forget the good times we've had. :-) I hope all of you have a lovely end to 2013 and may 2014 hold wonderful things in store for you! I'm looking forward to two books releasing: my next inspy contemporary romance, which is indie published and then in June, another Love Inspired Historical. Here is the fab cover for my upcoming release... How is your Christmas season going? What do you have left to do?

Life is a Carousel

And I'm feeling pretty dizzy!! Things I'm doing to maintain my sanity (when possible): 1. Eating ice cream 2. Reading, reading, reading (reading the Bible too) 3. Writing a few hundred words at a time How's life treating you? If your life was a ride, what would it be?

Swimming in New and Uncharted Waters (I did it!)

I did it. I self-published (or, to use a more palatable term, independent published) one of my Christian contemporary romances. There is a ton of advice out there and lots of ways to do it, from formatting the manuscript yourself to hiring out that job. So far, without much marketing, some copies have already sold on Amazon (squee!) It's definitely been exciting and scary. Some authors who have already traveled this road are Virginia Carmichael and Julie Lessman and Heather Sunseri . I am looking for reviewers and interview/guest post spots. If you're interested, e-mail me at Jessica_nelson7590 at yahoo dot com Here is the blurb for the story: Ten years ago, timid Katrina Ross left her hometown’s temperamental bad boy at the altar. After years away, Alec Munroe has returned, a successful businessman who is snooping around her bookstore with an avaricious gleam in his eye. She’d like to tell him to leave, despite still being in love with him, but the secret she'

The Hybrid Author (I Is Scared)

Yes, that is a baby voice hiding in the parentheses. Curled up in a fetal position, sucking her thumb. That's because this independent publishing business is exciting but scary! It's also (gasp) hard. Today I am going to be uploading my manuscript to some different bookseller sites. I am so nervous because I have heard horror stories about badly formatted books, editing mistakes, etc. I've done research, tried to follow other's advice, but technology isn't my strong suit. And so I'm a quivering mass of nerves. There's also the fact that there's no publisher at my back saying, "Read this! We liked it and bought it." Instead, I am the publisher, pushing my manuscript out into the world as a book. There's a certain self-confidence (and I hope not arrogance)in publishing your own work. Needless to say, I am extremely intrigued to see how this will work out. I will be a hybrid author, with one foot in traditional publishing, and the othe

Agent Shop!!

As if the question ‘Wanna pitch to an agent or editor’ isn’t enough. Hello! A huge thanks to all my wonderful hosts as I run all over cyberspace talking about Agent/Editor Shop at the Musetracks blog. In this crazy world of easy access to information, it’s also easy to miss huge opportunities, or forget! Because I get so many comments that writers either forgot, or didn’t know Musetracks did pitch sessions, I asked a bunch of fellow writers, bloggers and readers to help me spread the word. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Candi Wall, one of the authors who co-contribute to the Musetracks blog. Jennifer Bray-Weber, Marie-Claude Bourque, and Stacey Purcell are my super smart co-contributors and goodness knows where I’d be without them! I’ve been hosting acquiring Agents at Musetracks for almost two years, and only recently, we decided to add editors as our guest. We’ve been lucky to have agents like Melissa Jeglinski , Jessica Alvarez , Mollie Glick , Becky Vinter , Kevan L

Good-Bye Blogging?

I've lost the will to blog. I am not saying good-bye forever. I'm only saying good-bye to regularly scheduled posts. With FB, twitter and all the other social networking sites so active, I feel like if I put up a post it doesn't necessarily need to be on a schedule. In the meantime, there are lots of other things crowding the plate and so it's time for this wonderful blog to slow down in its old age. Later this month I'll be putting up a post about a good writing opportunity. I'm curious. What is your favorite online social venue?

Menehunes and Whatnot

Cheryl Linn Martin's newest book just released! Menehunes Missing is another action-packed mystery for the younger reader featuring the kids of the Hawaiian Island Detective club, Leilani, Maile and Sam. And sometimes Leilani's pesky little brother, Kimo. If you have middle schoolers who love to read, I highly recommend this series! Cheryl also has a very cool website , kid-friendly with great Hawaiian factoids and games. Do you buy your children books? As a kid, what was your favorite genre for reading? Any guess as to what a Menehune is?

When Should and Want Collide

After some internal conflicts of my own, I came to a great realization. "Should" and "Want" can be two different things...and boy, can they fight!! Is your story lacking conflict? Does it feel lukewarm? Do your characters seem a little too happy to be interesting? Take a look at what your protagonist wants (goal). Now, take a look at what the protagonist SHOULD want. Are they different? If you can make what the protagonist SHOULD DO come into conflict with what the protagonist WANTS TO DO, then you'll have immediate tension in your story. Have you ever experienced this in your life? Did you choose to go with principle or emotion? What about your main character?

This Girl is on Fire (and she might Burn Up!)

Beware of can burn. I feel like that song by Alicia Keys except I'm not sure I'm as competent as the heroine in the song. If I'm not careful, I might go up in flames! LOL Here's what's going on: 1. Love Inspired Historical bought a second book from me!!! I'm SO excited but I also have some revisions to do for the story. 2. I have two articles to write. Articles make me feel like I might suffocate. I don't know why but I just work through it, even if I turn blue. 3. I'm working hard on my WIP. Loving it but am sweating trying to get in 1k a day. 4. Before the end of 2013 I'll be indie/self-publishing a contemporary romance. Trying to get the cover, editing, etc. done has added some poundage to my plate. So, all in all, this 2013 is going beautifully. I feel like I'm on a roll but I don't want to get too much friction going because that could lead to a spark which might lead to me running away from the computer, hair on fire.

Jackson, Hero of With Eyes of Love

Today is an interview with my critique partner, Linda Glaz , who is also a wonderful writer, amazing literary agent and one of the best people you'll ever meet. :-) I'm so excited that her debut novel just released from Heartsong presents! I decided to do an interview with her hero, who is a charming yet wounded kind of guy. With Eyes of Love She has the perfect life…or so she thought Barbara Richardson is living a charmed life. Perfect family, beautiful voice, wealthy fiancĂ©. But when she realizes her soon-to-be husband only values her for her pretty face, her life is suddenly in turmoil. Then a handsome young man comes to her rescue when she's stranded in a storm on Christmas Eve. And the world suddenly seems full of possibilities…. Unlike her former fiancĂ©, Jackson Judge loves Barbara for everything she is, inside and out. But how could so lovely and talented a woman ever love a scarred monster like him? All he can see, shut away in his room, are his wounds from

Interview with Fellow Blogger Susan J Reinhardt

I am so very excited to have Susan J. Reinhardt at my blog today. She and I have been blogging buddies for several years and she is a true inspiration. Not only for her caring heart, but for her tenacity. She has quite the writing story and now her book, The Moses Conspiracy , has been contracted and is available! I can't wait to read it. The cover is amazing and I know the story is going to rock!! Susan was kind enough to do a short interview with me. :-) 1. How long have you been writing fiction with the intent of publication? Thanks for having me on your blog, Jess! I've been writing fiction since August of 2005. Originally, I wrote non-fiction and still submit to periodicals/devotionals/compilations on occasion. The switch occurred in 2005 after a trip to Gettysburg with my late husband. While standing in an old town square, I "heard" the voices of the forefathers. They were fading like a distant echo. After several attempts to write a non-fiction pi

Time for Writing

It has come to my attention that if I ever want to get any writing done, I need to do it in the morning. Before laundry, vaccuming, dusting...before everything, or I just won't do it. My goal this year is to complete one rough draft and one submissible book. Needless to say, my house is looking less than pristine. What are your goals this year? Have you had to reavaluate how you're prioritizing?

The Big Question in the Book

I'm reading Stephen King. Yes, the horror master is actually...pretty amazing! Ever since I read King's memoir On Writing I've been fascinated and have wanted to read one of his books, one that wouldn't freak me out though. A trusted acquaintance recommended King's fantasy series The Dark Tower and I've been sucked in. I'm on the third book and am loving the characters, the dialogue, the big words, the awesome premise. But I also noticed something else. The main character, Roland the Gunslinger, has quite a character arc that translates into A Very Big Question. This is posed in the first book and it's a thread that is seemingly going to run through the entire series. Is the sacrifice of one (or a few) good/right/justified by the saving of the world? This one, general and yet moral question has hooked me right along with everything else. Do you have A Big Question in your work? Is there a particular moral or theme that always hooks you, no matt

Interview with Suspense Author Loretta Boyett

Paralegal Beth Thompson grew up in Ocala, Florida, the only child of doting parents. Although her childhood was a sheltered one, the terrifying nightmare that has dogged her for as long as she can remember continues to haunt her. Joseph P. Hill, an unscrupulous Sarasota Attorney, doesn’t care how he makes a buck as long as he makes lots of them. When he unearths a missing link to Beth’s past, Joe concocts the perfect scheme to make this discovery pay off and lures an unsuspecting Beth to Ft. Lauderdale Beach. Angry that her boss, Attorney Alan Knight, does not return her feelings, she takes the bait. The night Beth arrives, a man is murdered at the airport. What is her connection to him, and why did he die holding a locket identical to the one she wore—and lost— on her flight? As the truth unfolds, each step draws Beth closer to a dark secret hidden from her since childhood, plunging her deeper into danger, deceit, and deadly betrayal. Welcome Loretta! 1. How lo

Writer's Brain Strikes Again

It was a dark and mysterious night.... No, actually, it happened in the school library. The Chair of her school's organization was sitting with her notes, trying to listen and maybe even look somewhat professional, but her mind kept wandering. Suddenly she heard a voice (the voice of the principal, by the way). "Mrs. Nelson, could you read this next part for us?" "Um..." She looked down at her papers, scanning, searching... Yes, my blogger friends, Writer Brain has struck me many, many times. I had to admit to daydreaming that afternoon, not once, but TWICE, because I had no clue where we were. There's a reason I'm not in corporate. Ha! Have you ever been struck stupid by Writer's Brain? How about Baby Brain (you know, when you're pregnant?) Do tell!


It is a gorgeous Florida day. All sun and winter nip. I'm traveling today and admiring the beauty around me. How is your weather? Can you find beauty in it? What settings do you love to read about in books?

Times Are Changing

I used to love blogging but feels like the blogosphere is changing. I'm definitely not ready to give up my blog but I might be doing a once a month thing instead. Like a newsletter almost, but in the form of a blog post? Not sure yet. In the meantime, I have a few awesome interviews coming up. Author Loretta Boyett has a book out and I'll be interviewing her soon about that. Paralegal Beth Thompson grew up in Ocala, Florida, the only child of doting parents. Although her childhood was a sheltered one, the terrifying nightmare that has dogged her for as long as she can remember continues to haunt her. Joseph P. Hill, an unscrupulous Sarasota Attorney, doesn’t care how he makes a buck as long as he makes lots of them. When he unearths a missing link to Beth’s past, Joe concocts the perfect scheme to make this discovery pay off and lures an unsuspecting Beth to Ft. Lauderdale Beach. Angry that her boss, attorney Alan Knight, does not return her feelings, she take

Conversations With an Eight Year Old

We were driving in the car the other day and my oldest turns to me and says, "Mom, do you think there's a portal for Heaven and a portal for hell?" I was taken aback but definitely amused. I smiled and said, "Sure, why not?" From there conversation turned to wormholes, portals, time travel and all other cool stuff. Basically along the lines of quantum physics. My son is not an all A student but he is a curious and bright little boy (seriously, I'm not at all biased *wink*). I can't wait to see what kind of job he decides to have as an adult and where his imagination takes him. Do you think about portals? What kind of cool and surprising things have you heard kids say?

A Book Called By Any Other Name

I always said I'd only read REAL books. You know, the ones printed on paper. :-) Over a year ago my sister gave me a Nook and I find reading on it pretty easy. In fact, my favorite thing is to eat and munch and the Nook allows me to accomplish that without needing a napkin to wipe my fingers so I can turn a page. Not only that, but there's a free iBooks app on my iPhone. I never thought I'd read a book on a phone...but I do. And it's easier than I thought it would be. Reality came crashing in the other day though. I was at school, waiting for my son's lunch to eat with him. I picked up my Nook to read...and got an ERROR message. Wah!! And suddenly I remembered why I love paperbacks so much. They're dependable. Resilient. Not reliant on batter power or software. While I appreciate the electronics and will use them, I'm sticking with my first love. Paper and ink. How do you do most of your reading? Why?

Very Naughty Blogger

Okay...I confess!!! I've been horrible. But it's a new year and that will change. It seems like blogging in general is going through some changes but it's my first choice still so I'll be keeping at it. My manuscript is submitted!! Complete with synopsis and query (so hard! blech). Now I'm faced with two choices: Begin my next WIP or take a manuscript that is already done but has been rejected by traditional publisers and test the waters of self-publishing with it. Hmmmmm. Speaking of publishing, two lovely ladies have wonderful news. Heather Sunseri has a book coming out soon called Mindspeak. The cover is spectacular! If you like YA, you might want to check this out. Also, Susan Reinhardt just announced the sale of her first book (and the acquisition of an agent)!! Go, Susan!!! How is your January going? What choices do you face today? Any awesome news to share?

Getting Ready to Submit

I'm knee-deep in the last read of my WIP before I submit it to my publisher. My nerves are...well, they're doing something like jangling, quivering, buzzing, freaking out....LOL I thought today would be fun to participate in a fun bloghop I was invited to join by two other authors: Brandi Boddie Connie Mann Here we go: What is your working title of your book ? Family On The Range Where did the idea come from for the book ? I don't know...ideas just show up. :-) What genre does your book fall under ? Inspirational historical romance Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition ? Eeek! That's so hard!! I'm not visual. I do think my hero looks kind of like Brad Pitt. Not sure about the heroine.... What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book ? A reclusive housekeeper defies the employer she's in love with in order to rescue a child. Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency ? Represented by me an