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Please Pray

Right now I'm driving to Minnesota to see my Grandma. She's been very sick. I'll be offline for the next week, probably. Please pray for her and for safe travels for me. Thank you!

Confessions of a Peeved Reader

I have a confession to make. As a reader, there was one type of scene I always skimmed. Most romances, especially the historicals, would have this kind of scene and without fail, I'd skip it. I remember it being a pet peeve of mine. The scene always felt overdrawn, long, overly detailed with nothing exciting happening (lack of conflict)...The wedding scene. Yup. I know I'm probably in the minority but there's my confession: I hate reading wedding scenes. What's your confession?

Life in the Borderland

I've been traveling the world of Writerdom for many years now and I've traversed through different lands ( Query Land and Agent Land ), but I've never been on the border before. It's the strange and shadowy place between Unpublished and Published. There are befuddling sights in this region and new sounds. People from both sides mingle here and I'm seeing things from both the same and a new perspective. (Dichotomy, anyone?) What's your region like halfway into 2011? Are you enjoying it or counting the minutes until you escape? Have you ever felt like you belonged somewhere other than where you find yourself now?

Working on Revisions

After I got the call I was sent another revision letter. It was a mix of overarching notes on the story (things the editors want clarified or changed) and specific thoughts on different pages. The overarching notes were a little overwhelming at first. I had to sit and think about them. So I did the page edits first because I knew when I went in to fix other stuff it would change the page numbers. I'm almost done with my revisions and am pretty sure I'll have them in by deadline, which is so freaky (the fact that I have a deadline, eeek!) I can barely believe it. Is there a certain way you'd handle revisions? Do you use any kind of organizational tools like Excel? For a great, in-depth post on handling revisions on a contracted story, check out Jody Hedlund's post .