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Blog Buddy Meet-Ups

I've been blessed in the last few weeks to meet up with two different sets of bloggers. First, I met Megan Rebekah and Karen Amanda Hooper at Megan's very awesome, completely cool house. We had a great time and I wish I brought my camera! Then, last week Janna came down for vacation with her family and was able to meet up with Terri Tiffany and me at Cracker Barrel. Here's the pic, thanks to Janna and her camera! Meeting with fellow bloggers is always so wonderful and uplifting. Is there a group you regularly meet with that encourages you? How far would you drive to meet a blog buddy?


First, a huge thanks to every single one of you who left comments on my previous post. I appreciate all the prayers and sweet words. Everything is good here now, smoothing out, but there are changes possibly coming. The biggest of which might be me getting a full-time job. I have an interview tomorrow, so whoever wants to pray, have at it! I don't like that someone else will be watching my kids all day. That's going to be very hard for me.I'll also have less blogging time. For those of you who work, I really don't know how you do it. Since this change a little difficult for me to swallow, I need a pick-me-up. Anyone have great news to share? Has something good happened to you recently?

Life--In The Way

Well, there's some drama and some changes going on right now in my life. It's very annoying when life (not family, just circumstances) get in the way of my precious blogging, but it is, so I'm having to join the ranks of those on blog break. Though I'm not sure how long it will be, or if it will even be a break. Will see you all when things calm down here. If you would, please pray for me and my family. We need to make some wise decisions on several things. Thanks! Have a wonderful weekend!

Learning from My Husband

Some of you know my husband is involved with creating a fishing show. For the last six months my husband has thrown himself into this project. He's put me to shame. Five to seven hours everyday after his normal job, editing videos until his eyes were blurry and his head hurt. When was the last time I pushed myself with such passion? Such drive? Who inspires you? How much drive fuels your desires?

Do You Abuse Your Books?

I'll never forget the day my father-in-law looked at me in horror and said, "You dog-ear your pages?" I know I looked at him blankly. "What?" I'd never heard that phrase before. Turns out I'd been abusing my books my entire life, bending the corners of the pages, wrinkling their spines when I set them pages-down. Oh the guilt. I tried to use bookmarks. I really did. But they always got lost. Do you "abuse" your books? What do you think about dog-earing? Any pet peeves about what people do to their books?

Publishing Meets the E-book

Here's a fascinating breakdown on how e-books are affecting the publishing industry's bottom line. The article includes a thought-provoking ending quote by Anne Rice . How much would you pay for an e-book? Will you ever own an e-reading device? If you do own one, does it "work" as well as a "real" book?

Picking A Title

When it comes to publishing, there's no truth in " a rose by any other name would smell as sweet ." The truth is that our titles are powerful. They bring all sorts of images and feelings to a reader's mind, which is why choosing a title is super important. I have a title I love. When I was submitting to an inspirational publisher, the editor told me my title sounded like a Harlequin Presents. Uh-oh. Recently I was told by an agent that my contemporary romance title made the story sound historical. Lesson learned? Choose your title carefully and be prepared to change it. If you need ideas on how to create a pertinent, eye-catching title, check out agent Rachelle Gardner's recent post . Ever had a title catch your attention in a bookstore? What's the title of your WIP and do you think it's effective? Would you change it?

Pace Yourself

I've confessed my willingness to clean , but don't think I'm manic. When it comes to housework, I pace myself. Going crazy trying to be perfect or do everything never helps anyone. Pacing can make or break a great story: I think it can make or break a great life too. How do you pace yourself when it comes to chores, family and career? When the craziness starts creeping in, what do you do?

Godiva, Anyone?

I finished my WIP! Last night was a scramble and though I wrote the end scene, this draft is pretty rough in terms of plot. I'm going to need to go back and beef up the external goal and external conflict of the story. In the meantime, there are some really cute Easter chocolates on the Godiva website. I went ahead and everyone who commented on my previous post because you all are wonderfully sweet and supportive. Finishing would take a lot longer if I didn't verbally create a deadline. The winner of Springtime Godiva is Karen Amanda Hooper ! Congrats Karen. :-) Now that the manuscript's rough draft is done, I know I have a lot of polishing ahead of me. What's your process after you complete the rough draft?