And the Winners Are....

Woohooo, the giveaway has ended and there are goodies to dispense!

Godiva Winners:

K. Victoria Chase
Karen Lange

B&N Gift Card Winner:

Nick Wilford

Sweet Caroline and Sweet Baklava Winner:

Sandra Orchard

Send your snail mail addys to me at jessica_nelson7590 AT yahoo DOT com and I'll get these out to you. :-)

Thank you for participating!!

Happy Labor Day!


Susanne Dietze said…

Congratulations, ladies!
Karen Lange said…
Yay! What a nice surprise! Thanks so much. :) Happy Labor Day!
Karen Lange said…
Congrats to all the other winners! :D
Loree Huebner said…
Woot for the winners!! Happy Labor Day!
Nancy said…
Congratulations to the winners. They should be well pleased.
WOOHOO!!! I want some chocolate! Thank you, Jessica. :-)
Sarah Forgrave said…
Oops, did I miss this giveaway? Bummer, the prizes look awesome! :) Congrats to the winners!
Linda Kage said…
Congrats to all the winners. And to those Godiva chocolate ladies, if you feel jealous eyes staring at you right now...yeah, that's me!!!
Julie Dao said…
Congratulations, everyone!! Those are some GREAT prizes :D
Jennifer Shirk said…
Congrats!! That was a great contest!
Sandra Orchard said…
Cool! Thanks Jessica!
Nick Wilford said…
Thanks, Jess! (Can I call you that?) :D
Melissa Tagg said…
Fun! Congrats to the winners!
Happy eating and reading to the winners!

Thanks for a fun contest, Jess.

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