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On the Red Carpet With the Guys of Splintered!!! (international giveaway!)

Thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway. It’s now ended, and winners will be announced on A.G. Howard’s website ( within the next few days.


Check out Splintered author AG Howard's website for a ROCKING intro to this international giveaway. This is also where you'll enter to WIN amazing prizes!!

Don't forget to head over to Bethany Crandell's for the other half of this interview with they other guy in Splintered, Jebediah Holt!

Now for our interview with the enigmatic and extremely interesting Morpheus (did I mention he has a British accent? And some very cool wings?)!!

I'm SO excited to have you on my blog, Morpheus! I really admire your loyalty to Wonderland. I know you're busy taking care of some crazy things over there and am super appreciative you're taking the time to stop by and answer questions posed by the Splintered Reviewers who were very impressed by you...*blushing and maybe throwing a wink your way*
Let's get started with Question #1:

Morpheus is a cool name. Where'd you get it?

“Firstly, I’m named after the Morpheus in Greek mythology—the winged daemon with the ability to appear in people’s dreams.” *expands wings, casting a looming shadow* “Secondly, well, you will have to read Splintered to find out what the other origin is.”

Have you read Lewis Carroll's Alice books? Who is your favorite character/creature?

“Oh, I’ve more than read them. I’ve lived them.” *pulls gloves into place on hands* “And the caterpillar is by far the most brilliant character of them all.”

Who is your favorite guest for dinner?

“I should clarify that the most respected dinner guest in Wonderland is always the main course. I do like a nice side of lamb but they can be tricky to serve. They’re ticklish and roll around the platter. Frog legs are jumpy even during digestion. I suppose my favorite would be fish eyes. Once you get past being stared at, the dining is quite civilized.”

You're my favorite SPLINTERED guy because, despite your reputation as a bad boy, you believe in Alyssa's grrrl power far more than you have a fabulous fashion sense. You don a stylish hat for every major event. What is your favorite special-occasion hat, and why is that type of occasion so special to you?

“My Seduction Hat. Perhaps you can surmise why such an occasion would be special to me.”

Are you self-centered?

*brushes a hand through the blue hair beneath his hat’s brim* “Wouldn’t you be if you had my assets?”

So, we know you've got some sweet threads. Can you reveal what inspires your wild, wonderful fashion sense?

“I could tell you, but I’d much rather show you. Are you up for some flying?" *tilts head teasingly*

What's your dream job?

“Not having a job. Why, look at that! I’ve already met my highest aspirations.” *smiles*

You're often very cryptic, why is that?

“I’m selective with what I choose to share. I believe that’s called wisdom, luv.”

On a scale from that guy who once slobbered all over me during my sixth grade rendition of Romeo and Juliet (He was Romeo, I was tragically Juliet) to Rhett Butler, how good of a kisser are you?

“Seeing you lack any otherworldly comparison subjects, your scale is not up to my standards. However, should you like to interview someone who’s had lips-on experience, I know the perfect candidate.” *winks at Alyssa who glares back while avoiding Jeb’s questioning stare*

What if I were currently undecided as to how I should cast my Splintered vote . . . why should Alyssa end up with you?

“You’re joshing, right?” *rolls eyes and points a thumb over his shoulder* “Wings.”

What makes Alyssa different from the rest of Alice's descendants? Why is she so special?

“She shared her childhood with me and proved her devotion during one violent and bloody afternoon. I knew from that moment she was the one.”

If you got one “do over” from the moment you met Alyssa until the present, what moment, if any, would you change?

“I would’ve never agreed to be away from Alyssa for so many years. Out of mind, out of heart. I was not pleased to find she’d forgotten our friendship so easily.”

One last question for you . . . Alyssa had to navigate the scary world of Wonderland. We can't talk about how it went because that would be a total spoiler. But let's just pretend for a second that the tables were turned and that you had to navigate the scary world that is our world back here above ground. How do you think you would fare? What would you most look forward to, and what would make you (yes, even you) the most nervous?

“I live in a world founded on chaos, madness, and magic. Nonsense is my native tongue. Manipulation and murderous intent are talents honed by our offspring on their playgrounds. I can’t imagine anything would prove a challenge in the simple realm of humans. As to what I would most look forward to? The expression on Mr. Holt’s face when I turn up at Alyssa’s front step.” *tips hat to Jeb and receives a furious scowl in return*

Now some questions for both the Splintered guys:

Have you ever chased a white rabbit?

Jeb: “No. But I did dive down a rabbit hole once, chasing something a lot more important than a rabbit…”

Morpheus: “Yes, one who escaped my dinner plate. For the record, he later became a delightful hasenpfeffer stew.”

True or False: All's fair in love and war?

Jeb: “There are exceptions.”

Morpheus: “No exceptions. It’s an absolute truth.”

Your choice for underclothes: boxers or briefs…

Jeb *coughs and blushes*: “Uhhh ... well, you can find out what I wear if you read Splintered—chapter fifteen.”

Morpheus *smirking*: “They can be as brief as you like. But I’d prefer to buy you dinner first.”

What are three words you'd use to describe Alyssa?

Jeb: “Tenacious, fragile, and innocent.”

Morpheus: “Maddening, loyal, and seductive.”

What’s your favorite make out song?

Jeb *dimples flashing as he zones in on Al in the crowd*: “Forevermore by Broken Iris.”

Morpheus *leaning close to the microphone*: “When it’s done right, luv, you make your own music.”

If you had only one day left with Alyssa, what would you do with her to make it a perfect day?

Jeb: “We’d take my motorcycle to the lake where I used to fish with my dad—before things went bad. We’d swim then have a picnic, to make up for all the ones she missed out on having with her family. I’d paint her a mural on the rock wall that surrounds the lake. Then once the sun set, we’d climb into a sleeping bag and I’d kiss her until every strand of starlight seeped away.”

Morpheus: “We would take to the sky and watch Wonderland’s majesty pass beneath us. I’d waltz with her on the clouds and serenade her with the wind. Later, we would dine on candied spiders and sip dandelion wine, for she does love to torment her flowers and bugs. Then, cozied by the castle fire, I’d wrap her in my wings and make her forget everything about the human realm.”

Jeb *teeth clenched*: All right, bug-rot. That’s it. Me and you, outside. Let’s go.”

Okay, guys, okay, break it up!!!
*deep breaths*

Thanks, ladies! Those interviews make me want to grab a hottie and jump headfirst back down the rabbit hole for some cuddle time! *snort/giggle/snog like crazy* SERIOUSLY THOUGH, WE'D LOVE TO HEAR ABOUT WHO'S STOLEN YOUR HEART, SO LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW!

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That’s all from us in the studio. Thank you for coming!

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Thanks to Jessica Nelson, Bethany Crandell, and A.M. Supinger for being extraordinary and entertaining MCs!

Thank you to Kalen O’Donnell for the spectacular Red Carpet Event banner and artwork!

And last but never-ever least, special thanks and gratitude to the following book-reviewers/bloggers/authors who fashioned the amazing list of questions for our guys:

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Stephen King On Writing

Okay...I'll admit that I'm horrible at reading craft books. I love to learn craft and try to always better my writing, but I usually stick with articles. So after years of hearing about this book, it finally decided to bonk me on the head (actually, it was in my RWA chapter's library and I snagged it).

I wish I would have read it sooner.


EVERY page is loaded with so much. About life. About writing. Plus King is just an interesting person. His writing resonates and every other sentence contains some kind of nugget that I'd love to tape up on my wall.

Needless to say, after I finish King's memoir I'll be checking out some of his fiction.

I've asked before about your favorite writing craft book, but now I'm wondering why it's your favorite? What makes it stand out? And if you could choose to meet any author, who would it be and why?

Monday, December 3, 2012

Playing With the Blog Tour

Blog tours: can they make you or break you?

I did a blog tour (however informal) when my book came out and I can see NO drawbacks to doing one. I think blog tours are excellent ways to get the word out about your book.

Will they sell it? Nope. That's what the blurb, cover and writing are for. But at least they tell people the book is out there.

How do you get involved with a blog tour? Well, you could go the professional, cost-money route. There are a lot of companies who offer different packages and it could be worth your while.

Since I've been blogging a long time, I just asked my blogger friends if anyone wanted to have me over. I was really blessed that many of you did. :-)

I heartily recommend blog tours! In fact, I'm a guest later today at Diane Estrella's blog! (and I said I didn't have a celebrity crush, but I forgot how much I like Channing Tatum! lol).

Would you pay for a blog tour or do your own? Do you like hearing about different books when you're blog hopping?