Research Whoops

Yikes, I got a bad review!

It's worse when it's not subjective. It's so bad when the reviewer catches something I should have caught. That's when I hide my face and frantically wish I could edit everyone's copies of my books. Sometimes it is too late to fix something though.

Do you read your books after they're published? Do you enjoy researching?


Brandy Bruce said…
Hi Jessica! I try never to read my books after they're released for that same reason!
Palio! You know how I feel about reading my reviews. *ahem*

But at least by doing that, if nothing else, you're learning something that you can apply to the next one! That takes courage, and makes me proud of you. <3

And yes, I LOVE researching. But as for rereading my published books? I'm so busy writing new ones I rarely have time. Unless I'm checking for typos. Ha!a!

*hugs you*
That was supposed to say *ha!*

I even have typos in my blog posts! Aaack! There's no escape... @.@
Susanne Dietze said…
Hugs re: the review! I have one, too. Sigh. I guess that means we're real writers, right?


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