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I read a bestselling author's book the other day. After a few pages I had to check the copyright because the book was loaded with backstory. Interesting stuff, but I still had to make myself slog through it. Turns out the book was a reprint. It had been originally published in 1987. But I continued reading because I've read her before and was sure that the promise of a great story was there.

And it was. But not in the writing style. The POV was all over the place and there were several instances of telling. I noticed because I'm now aware of all that, but I may not have noticed if I was a "regular" reader.

No, the thing that kept me up until one in the morning was the characterization. Her characters were so relatable, so troubled, so involving that I just HAD to find out if they'd make it. And they did! I closed the book with a wonderful sense of satisfaction.

The rules were different, evidently, in 1987 but the read was the same. Awesome.


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