How To Write A Synopsis (Repost)

While it is true that I have sold five books to Love Inspired Historical, I cannot claim any kind of authority on synopsis writing.

So it stands that three e-books later and five print books later, I am once again reading articles on how to write a selling synopsis.

So the link I used to have on this post changed, so I did a bit of googling (or duck duck going *grin*) and found this gem. I love examples because it's one thing to say how to do it, quite another thing to show how to do it. (Novel Synopsis Examples: How to Write a Synopsis (

Examples are a great way to compare your synopsis to how others read. See if you can note plot points, transitions, character arcs. And then check your own synopsis for the same things. 

Have you written a synopsis yet? Do you like it? How did you learn?


That was a very good Article and the author had a nice sense of humor and was very clear and concise.
Jess - This was great! I printed it out and will link to it (giving you a hat tip). :)
Jill Kemerer said…
I think I'm pretty decent at writing a synopsis, but only if the story has been developed in my head. And, yes, brownies are essential! I bake them from any box mix on sale!
Jessica Nelson said…
Thanks so much, Susan!!

Jill, lol! I'm due for some brownies. Yum, yum, yum!

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