The Sign of A Good Story

As of yesterday at lunch, I'm only one chapter deep into Virginia Smith's novel Just As I Am. And yet, guess who haunted me all of yesterday well into evening?
Her main character, Mayla.
One chapter. And I can't stop thinking about what will happen next. I'm not sure this curiosity of mine has anything to do with the plot. I think Mayla's characterization, her voice, is so strong that I just have to know what happens next.
So far I love this book. The cover is awesome. I don't know how to post it but if you check out Amazon there's probably a pic. The topic is fresh.
I can't wait to finish this story.

What did Virginia Smith do so well that I want to read on? Like I said, it's probably the voice. But maybe this is why she's published. Her chapter was so incredible, so vibrant, that an editor/agent just had to read more.

It's a good lesson for me. The first chapter needs to shine. Needs to pull and leave the reader obsessing for the rest of the day about what might happen next.

That's quite the challenge. But I'm up for it.


Virginia Smith said…
What a terrific compliment! Thank you so much. I can't wait to hear what you think of Mayla when you finish the book.

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