Too Hot to Ignore

Hey everyone,

I was going to talk about the books I'm reading but then heard about an amazing opportunity! A well-known agency is taking a break from queries. Instead, they're reading first pages.

So here's the link to Firebrand literary.

As far as I can tell they do mostly non-fiction, but I could be wrong. Let me know if you sub to them. I'm thinking about it myself, though I didn't see much romance in their sales. Still, this is really cool.

Today's Matthew's first day back at Pre-K! The "normal" schedule is officially back. How about you?

Is your life back to normal? Do you want it to be?


Kristen Painter said…
That agency underwhelms me. That is all.
Anonymous said…
Hey Jessie. Stopping in before I go to work. I queried Firebrand with my first fantasy/romance and had a bad experience. At the time, one of the agents was leaving. I'll tell you about it later in an email.

That's not to say that they aren't legit, because they are. They tend to want more YA than romance, unless they've taken on new agents to expand in that area. This might need some research before you send anything their way. I'm pretty sure they don't take inspirational romance. Still, you don't know until you try...?

Let us know what you decide! It is a pretty cool offer for anyone who writes in their genre(s).
You guys are making me rethink my enthusiasm. Yeah, I realize they may not be a good fit for my genre.
Kristen, you have my ears perked up!
Anita, now I can't wait to hear from you. Though, was it one of those rejections you posted a while back on your blog? Hehee, I'm already speculating.
Thank you guys for stopping by. :-)
I heard about this, too. I think it's important to remember, what may not work for one could be a perfect fit for another. ;)

My hubby and kindergartner are back to work and school, but my little one and I are having trouble shifting back into our regular "home" routine. Ack!
Kevin said…
Jessica: This looked great, til I looked at some of the titles they are currently doing. I'm not sure it's the right fit for a Christian humorous devotional by a reluctant pastor's wife! Oh, well. You are sweet to pass this info on, and I'll bet someone will benefit from it! Thanks for your posts on my blog, too. I appreciate you stopping by.
Hi Jessica -

I also checked out the type of stuff they publish. They seem to gravitate to the occult. I think I'll pass on this one.

Thanks for the tip even if it didn't fit my genre.

Susan :)
Sarah said…
Normal? What's normal? Lol.

I'm drifting toward being back on schedule, and fighting it tooth and nail. :)

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