You may have noticed my word counter hasn't moved.

That's because I'm percolating.

Remember Bad Boy's Redemption? It got rejected, but no worries, I'm looking forward to sharing what I've learned from that.

Now I'm thinking about where I should go from here. Should I keep targeting Love Inspired? Or should I go Single Title?

And so I percolate.

Have you ever needed to reconsider your goals? Do you jump right into a new direction? Or do you have to sit on your feelings for awhile?


Jody Hedlund said…
Jessica, I totally feel like I'm getting to the percolating phase. Since I'm so close to finishing my WIP, my mind is spinning with what I should do next. Do I keep writing full length historicals, or should I try something shorter? I think the key is to give ourselves permission to try new things, but not to let our discouragement stop us altogether.
Jessica said…
That sounds right to me, Jody. Congrats on being so close!!!
Anonymous said…
It's strange, because I've found - in writing - more than anything, goals shift and merge until you don't even realize sometimes, that you've headed in another direction.

I say jump right in. Most of the time, we don't consider making the jump unless we're running into interferance anyway, so why not. It's part of the learning process.

If we don't continue to take chances, to try new things, and let our creativity take over and lead us - we'll sit in the same place, and that does nothing to push us down that rocky road to publication.

Kristen Painter said…
Usually I jump in and go, but sometimes I have to percolate too. Just depends on the project. But too much percolate usually means, for me anyway, that it's not the right project.
haleigh said…
I'm percolating at the moment too (great word, by the way!). I have one single-title MS finished, which has been rejected everywhere I've sent it. So I started working on a new MS that's generally the same type/style. Though I did try my hand at a western too. It didn't go so hot - I'm pretty sure I'm just contemp all the way through :)
I'm huge on "sitting on them", which I'm not totally sure is the right thing to do...always.

Have you considered trying White Rose Press? It's a vanity publisher, but they've printed some awesome stories, and through them I know of at least one who has contracted future books through LI, so it does help.

BTW: I love that title "Bad Boys Redemption". Sounds so intriguing!
Jennifer Shirk said…
Percolating is good to do.

I'm sort of percolating while I'm finishing up WIP. My goals need to be tweaked. :)
sherrinda said…
I'm percolating not regarding a new project, but for my current WIP! Trying to fix a hole and have been seeking the plug!!!
Jessica said…
Pass some of your bravery my way, please! LOL It's actually Bridegroom's Revenge. I want to make it single title so I've just been kind of thinking things through, etc.
You're such a prolific writer. I can totally see you jumping into new stuff! :-)
Jessica said…
That's a good point. Hopefully this is the right project for me. So now that you're finished with the one story, what are you planning next?
Jessica said…
Haleigh, are you saying Shae was rejected? That STINKS! I thought what I read was well-written, so there's hope for it. :-)
I think you write great contemporary.
Jessica said…
LOL Eileen. There does come a time when we must send our babies out into the big, scary world. :-)

I've thought about White Rose, but I want to try the traditionals first. And actually, I'm pretty sure White Rose isn't a vanity. They don't give advances, that I know of, but I'm pretty sure they don't charge anything and you'll get royalties.

Thanks for liking my title. :-)
Jessica said…
I'm with you, Jennifer. Just trying to figure out where I should head next, and how to start.
Jessica said…
LOL Sherrinda. You'll find the plug. :-) Sometimes it's just one little change that will set everything right.
Marybeth said…
I've just been doing my best to stay focused and on task. Staying optimistic has been the key. Although percolating sounds like so much more fun just cuz it's a cool word ;)
I am proud of you. Percolating often means hearing from God, and He will steer you in the right direction.
You are growing into a wise woman of God. Is that cheesy? Well, it's true, cheesy or not!
Percolate away; it will make you a better writer!
I'm not real great at it; wish I would have learned it at your age!
haleigh said…
Yep, Shae has been rejected everywhere I've sent her :) I'm glad you liked her! I did too, so hopefully it'll fit somewhere, but for now I'm setting that MS aside. We'll see what happens!
Jessica said…
Hey Haleigh,
The fact that I remember her and Cole means they're strong characters. I do think they have a future.
Jessica said…
LOL Marybeth. :-) I think being optimistic is SO smart. It does no good to anyone when we get down in the dumps. It esp. doesn't help our writing.
Jessica said…
Hi Jen,
I'd like to hear from God. What he wants to me to show with this story, etc.
But LOL!
I could just be procrastinating. A "p" word with a whole different meaning!
Danyelle said…
Depends on what the goal is. Generally, I like to spring into action, but writing is the one area of my life that I'm okay with percolating. :D
Jessica said…
Hi Danyelle,
True enough. :-)
Ah, percolating! I never put a name to it before. I'm mulling scenes over in my mind, trying to decide where to go with a particular character (still think she needs a shrink). LOL!

I'm always working on more than one project. Non-fiction still draws my attention, especially devotionals.

Susan :)
Patti said…
Percolate, percolate and sometimes even stew.
Cindy said…
I have to sit on my feelings awhile and try not to be depressed that things didn't go in the direction I planned. I think that's such a hard thing about writing. We fantasize about that perfect agent or our first novel becoming a bestseller but the odds are stacked against us. We have to learn to expect less but pray that what does come about it what's meant to be.

Keep up updated on your decision and good luck!
Jessica said…
Exactly Susan!
That's so funny about the shrink. :-)
If you're drawn to devotionals then that's awesome. Sometimes I wish I could think of something to write like that, but it's like my mind blanks out.
Jessica said…
Stew is a great word. That feels a bit like what I'm doing. So does percolate come first? Or stew?
Jessica said…
Thank you Cindy. :-)

I def. fantasize and daydream about my writing future. LOL
Oh, this is beautiful!
The next time my kids are pressuring me for a decision, I'm just going to say, "Hang on. I'm percolating!" LOL
After my first novel, I definitely took some time to reconsider my goals and decide what to write next. In the end I went with a slightly different genre, and so far am glad that I did. Sometimes you just have to let things sit for a while before you can make the right decision.
Janna Qualman said…
Oh, I'm sorry about the rejection, Jess. *hugs*

But I'm with you. Percolate you must! There's nothing wrong with taking stock and reassessing - even if it means a small delay progress. Make sure that if you do switch direction, you're headed in the right one.
Jessica said…
LOL Karen. That could work. *wink*
Jessica said…
That sounds kind of cool. I haven't tried to switch genres yet. I'll be that could be intimidating. Kudos to you for going with your gut.
Jessica said…
Thanks Janna. :-)
I hope I am headed the right way.
Amy De Trempe said…
Percolating - an excellent description. I am stuck in my current WIP. Seems I painted myself into a corner and have been percolating for weeks on how to get out.
T. Anne said…
(Sorry, you haven't ben coming up my dashboard) It feels like I'm constantly percolating and revising my goals. I believe it is a good thing!
Angie Ledbetter said…
Yes, reevaluating goals is just a part of the writing journey. Glad you're keeping at it!

Come enter my writing contest if you'd like to. :)
Keli Gwyn said…
Jessica, I love the term percolating. I've done just that at times.

I hope when you're story idea is ready that it flows and is as fresh and tasty as a just-brewed pot of your favorite coffee.
anita said…
Hey Jessie! Great post. Your title makes me want some coffee. Heehee

As you well know, I've been percolating too. For many of the same reasons as you.

I've been reassessing my goals and reevaluating the way I put a story together. It's never a bad thing to stand back and see the bigger picture ... where you've been going juxtaposed against where you've always wanted to be.

In my evaluation, I realized I've been spinnning my wheels by being stubborn about some writing stigmas that were ingrained in me from the beginning. Stigmas I've had to drop to see the bigger picture.

So yeah, I know what you're saying, and I think it's a really good place to be. It's called growth, and in any walk of life, we have to be willing to grow if we're going to get tall enough to reach that lofty goal. :-)

Good girl for realizing that so early on and not waiting for book #6 like some people (who shall remain anonymous--Snort!)
Jessica said…
Hi Amy,
Well, I hope you come up with the perfect out! You never know, just the slightest shift in a plot point or a new character can help shake things up a bit.
Thanks for commenting. :-)
Jessica said…
No problem T.Anne. It's weird how that happens. I hope it's a good thing too.
Thanks for commenting.
Jessica said…
Oh, I'm def. keeping at it, Angie.
And I'm seriously considering your contest. It sounds exciting. :-)
Jessica said…
Hi Keli,
Thank you! I hope it turns out that way too, for both me and you!
Jessica said…
LOL Anita. I guess we all go through this. Just because you waited until book six to redefine your goals doesn't mean those previous works aren't strong or marketable. I firmly believe that they will sell!

Stubborn? No....

Warren Baldwin said…
Percolating ... good title and food for thought. I think I tend to wonder too long what to do next.

About the picture on "Family Fountain" ... It is a tree, but can you see faces in it? You should be able to find 10 of them. Thanks for looking and trying!
Jessica said…
Hey Warren,
I'll have to stop back by and take a look. :-)
Kara said…
I hate rejections, but love the stories of so many famous authors who were rejected many, many times before being published. It's a frustrating process. One of my author friends told me to write from the heart, it will find it's place, even if it is not what the publishers are looking for today!
Jessica said…
I love those stories too, Kara. Because it's a frustrating process, those stories do inspire us. :-)
Your friend sounds pretty smart!
brenda minton said…
I wish I hadn't jumped from genre to genre...seeking an open door. Fortunately the doors didn't open and eventually I landed right where I had wanted to be all along...At Love Inspired. ;-)
I tried to write what I thought the market was looking for.
I tried to write what I thought would be popular.
in the end, I trusted my writing voice, and the stories I loved. And that's when the right door opened.
it took a few years, but I finally got there.
Jessica said…
I think I did kind of like you, except I was targeting Love Inspired and now I'm not sure my voice/plots will fit there. Sigh. This is tricky stuff. I hope I learn to trust my writing voice too.

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