In The Know: Intro

My pastor is fond of encouraging Christians to be "In The Know" when it comes to our faith and beliefs.

He's a smart guy.

Being "In the Know" is good for more than just understanding why we hold certain values. It works for all parts of our lives.

I have a teeny little series planned about how we should be "In The Know" when it comes to our writing.

In the meantime, have you ever done something and then later wished you would have waited until you knew more info?


Good Morning, Jess -

I'm looking forward to this series.

Several times, I've submitted to publications without doing enough research. It really is important to get a idea of the general flavor of a periodical.

Have a great Sunday!

Susan :)
Jessica said…
Thanks Susan,
I hope you have a wonderful Sunday too! :-)
Danyelle said…
All the time. :D
Ohmygoodnes, YES! We once bought a Peogeot, a French car that had won "CAR of the year" five years in a row(in FRANCE!!!).

We were so excited to get a great deal on the car that we didn't sleep on it or talk to friends who knew about cars, we just rushed into it.

That stinkin' car spent more time in the shop than we had it on the road. And the parts were so expensive, by the time the engine seized and we had to trash it, we were very much in debt.

We ended up calling it "The P Word!"

So, go for it, we all need this wisdom!
T. Anne said…
Years ago I'm embarrassed to say, I was on a cruise docked down on the Mexican Riviera and thought it might be fun to buy a knock off designer bag. I bought a bunch thinking I was getting great fake bags and a bargain only to find out I was heavily ripped off. The bags now have a nice home with my niece. I cringe when I look at them... ;)
Keli Gwyn said…
I look forward to your series, Jessica.

Early in my writing journey, I spent weeks revising a manuscript based upon a single comment by a person who'd requested it. It was rejected. If I'd taken the time to clarify things before forging ahead, I might have received a more favorable response.

Ah, the many lessons we learn the hard way. :)
sherrinda said…
Uh...all the time! Sometimes though I get so worked up about making the "wrong" decision that I freeze up and can't move forward. I wonder what's worse, rue the day we stepped out wrongly or be paralyze with fear of doing the wrong thing. Sigh...what's a girl to do?
Deb Shucka said…
This sounds fun.

My problem is usually more along the lines of needing too much information and not acting until all the life and spontaneity are gone from a thing.
Jessica said…
Oh Jen,
That is hilarious! I guess y'all learned your lesson...LOL!
Jessica said…
Oh no, T. Anne! That's kind of funny, but annoying. You have to watch out and bargain tough. That's one of my favorite things on a cruise, bargaining with the foreign locals. They'll drop their price to get you to buy. :-) You have to be very tough. LOL
Sorry about the bags though. How disappointing. *sympathetic smile*
Jessica said…
Hi Keli,
Thanks. You're such an encouraging person. :-)
I've been where you were. I'm sorry it got rejected. Clarification/communication is so important. What a good thing for you to learn, even though I'm sure the rejection must've cut.
Jessica said…
LOL Sherrinda! You're asking the wrong girl.
Jessica said…
No Deb,
You? Beautifully talented writer?
Maybe it's your attention to details and feelings and changes that makes you such a strong writer?
But yes, spontaneity is needful. We all need to loosen up in one way or another. :-)
Terri Tiffany said…
All the time. I have a habit of speaking or acting before thinking. Not good!
Can't wait to read your series!
Marybeth said…
My life is sort of a NOT "in the know" series of moments. Gotta love when that happens!
You mean, like when I was 17 and I dated a 29-year-old man? And other stupid things like that? Oh, there may be events about which I think, If only I knew then what I know now...Yep. Been there!
Janna Qualman said…
It'll be a great series, I bet!

I do sometimes wish I'd waited for the whole story.
Hi, Jessica!

Oh, yes, many times. Like when I submitted my very substandard work many years ago before realizing how lousy it was. "In the Know" sure helps with avoiding much embarrassment.
Jessica said…
Me too Terri. Just this morning at the gym I said something that is now hounding me. I meant it as a compliment but now I'm wondering if what I said sounded snarky? Sigh. All this holding of our tongues is tiring stuff. LOL
Jessica said…
LOL Marybeth. Sometimes we just have to flow with it.
Jessica said…
Wow Karen.
And where were your parents? LOL Well, hopefully he was at least a good kisser. An older man and all...Snort.
Jessica said…
Thanks Janna. I hope so. Feel free to tell me if it gets boring or blah. LOL
Jessica said…
Oh Eileen,
I did the same thing. *sympathetic smile*
It's okay. I think editors like seeing us grow in the craft, etc. So don't be embarrassed. It's all part of the process.
But yeah, knowing stuff ahead of time can save us some growing pains. :-)
Kara said…
Almost all the time!! Can't wait for your series:)
Caryn Caldwell said…
Oh, yes! Way too often! Sometimes I'll find out some bad news and then become distraught only to find out that it was really nothing and I shouldn't have worried - or talked about it - so much.
Jessica said…
THanks Kara. :-)
Jessica said…
LOL Caren. That made me think of a particular relative of mine. In a good way. :-)
Angela said…
I wish I could send apology notes to the editors and agents I sent my work to before it was ready. I thought it was, but...erm, no.

*shouts* I'm sorry, everybody!!!!
Angie Ledbetter said…
Probably too many times to count, but I chalk it all up as experience and knowledge gained for future success.

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