Good Morning

Today is gorgeous in Florida. A bright blue sky, the air already warming up to hot . . . it's going to be beautiful.

I'm also feeling good because something unprecedented happened. Something that is so rare in my line of work (toddler motherhood) that I'm late posting because of it. It could almost be called a miracle.

My darling, active little boys let me sleep in until seven thirty. :-)

So now I'm postless, idealess, just sitting here, enjoying my coffee and the feel of a well-rested body.

Many of you are posting about priorities. Today my sister is coming to visit and I feel great. I hope all of you have a good morning and that things fall into order in your life. :-) Have an awesome day, everyone!


Good Morning, Jessica! What a wonderful morning full of blessings you are having! Savor each one! Praying you will be blessed even more as the day continues.
Wow, that is a miracle! How blessed you are.

I'd say you are reaping some of the love seeds you've planted in those wee hearts. God is proud of you for your comittment to your darlings.

May your time with your sister be sweet and encouraging.
MeganRebekah said…
I love your outlook on life!
I woke up, got dressed and as I stepped outside the front door I was attacked by the sticky, muggy FL heat and all I could think was - stupid hot weather, now am I going to be sweating all day!
I got to stay in bed until 8am this morning! So I see a pig flying outside my window? Should I be preparing for the Apocalypse?

Glad you got some extra rest!
Rita Gerlach said…
I know you must cherish each moment with your little boys, Jessica. It seems like yesterday that mine were little running around the house.

I enjoyed your post. Thanks for letting us into your world this morning. Me? I'm having coffee, too. Gearing up for a day of writing on the new book.

I'll be working on Part II of Making a Book Trailer so it's ready come July 1 to be posted in Stepping Stones Magazine for Writers.


Stepping Stones Magazine for Writers:



Inspire / The Musings of a Historical Fiction Writer:
Jennifer Shirk said…
Awesome! Sleeping until 7:30 is a treat in my house, too! :)

I LOVE days where you can just be still and enjoy. Have fun with your sister!
Jody Hedlund said…
Glad you got to sleep in! (And yes, 7:30 is definitely sleeping in for momma!) Have a wonderful day!
Proverbs 27:19 said…
Ahhhhh, sleeping in, sounds great.

Today is the last day of school so I will get to sleep in for twenty extra minutes starting tomorrow and about an hour once my two oldest go to my parents' house for the remainder of the month!

quixotic said…
Sounds like you are off on the right foot forward this morning. Extra sleep is such a great present. Give your little one an extra big hug for that.
That's awesome, Jessica! Bless those little boys and you!
Kristen Painter said…
Hope you're having fun with your sister!
Angie Ledbetter said…
May that little sleep-in miracle happen often. :)
T. Anne said…
Enjoy your beautiful well rested day!
Oh! enjoy.....I don't have kids waking me up early, but danged if I don't just wake up early anyway -- or the critters wake me up.....lawd.
sherrinda said…
Lucky you!!! But just wait until they are teens. Their sleeping patterns shift and they get their nights and days mixed up again. Up all night, sleep all day. (a bit of an exageration, but not much!)

Have fun your sister! Sisters are the very best!
Oh, what good little boys letting you sleep in! It is always so nice when that happens:)

Have a great time with your sister!
Kara said…
How nice to sleep in!! It is a rare occurance with young ones. Enjoy your visit with your sister:)
Pen Pen said…
Aww!! Babies!! :) I can't wait to have some!! --I'm gonna be sad when I stop being able to sleep tho...
Ur day sounds gorgeous in Florida! I was born in Ft. Pierce, and know just how amazing the weather can be! Especially if ur near the ocean and have a good breeze! Perfection!!
Danyelle said…
Wow! Cherish the sleep. :D That's awesome the kidlets let you sleep in. Have fun with your sister, and hope your day only gets better and better. :D
Jessica said…
It was gorgeous today! Very, very hot and muggy, but we broke out the kiddie pool in the afternoon and that helps a ton.
Thank you all so much for your kind comments. :-)
I had a wonderful day, even though my kiddos decided not to nap, which made for some grumpy moments. But overall, it was lovely.

I hope all of you had an equally nice day!
Terri Tiffany said…
You make me think of my daughter. She is thrilled when her toddler lets her sleep in that late too! I remember those times!
Enjoy today too--it is gorgeous out there!
Jessica said…
Thrilled is the right word, Terri! LOL
What a wonderful, wonderful day!
Hope you enjoyed it fully. *grin*
It's been raining all week here in PA, but the weekend forecast is sunny.

Enjoy your sister's visit. :)

Jessie Oliveros said…
Seven-thirty? That's early for my son to wake up? What time does your son typically wake up?
Jessica said…
Hey Jessie,
Well, when I just had my oldest, I could leave him in the crib until eight.
No more. Now they typically wake up at seven, but for the last few days my youngest had been waking up around six in the morning, crying, and waking the others up. Yeah, I wasn't happy. LOL

Thanks everyone else! I had a great time with my sis, her hubby, and their nine month old. He's a little cutie, with a dimple too.

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