Learning from My Husband

Some of you know my husband is involved with creating a fishing show. For the last six months my husband has thrown himself into this project.

He's put me to shame.

Five to seven hours everyday after his normal job, editing videos until his eyes were blurry and his head hurt.

When was the last time I pushed myself with such passion? Such drive?

Who inspires you? How much drive fuels your desires?


My inspiration is driven by different things at different times... Sometimes it's pure excitement. Sometimes it's the encouragement of my critique partners. Sometimes it's because I just want to finish the stupid thing ;-)
I love it when excitement increases my drive to write! And yeah, finishing the stupid thing motivates me too. :-)
I like Sara's answer. :) It's different things for me, too, and sometimes they're stronger than others.

Wishing your husband much success!
My passion for writing never ends but the inspirations and motivations sometimes fades. If it weren't for my hubby's support and encouragement, I'd probably fall by the wayside more often than I do.

And I owe many thanks to all my wonderful blog friends who teach me new writing skills and cheer me on!
You can do that when you're young--LOL!

If I spent 5-7 hours writing when I got home at night, you'd not want to live with me long...

I have to pace myself, or I become the Grumpy dwarf.
Sarah Forgrave said…
My husband is developing a website outside of his normal work hours. After we put our son to bed, we both hang out in the living room with our own laptops. So romantic, right? :-) But it's helped both of us stay on track.
Karen Lange said…
My inspiration and drive is generated by a lot of things. Deadlines don't always inspire, but they drive me:) The desire to get words on a page drives me as well. Things bounce around in my head till I need to get them down. :)
Blessings to you and your blogging gang,
Julie Dao said…
Wow! A fishing show?! One of my friend's boyfriends is involved in editing too and I know it's a stressful, eye-straining job, so kudos to your hubby! I have trouble finding motivation sometimes, especially recently. All I can do is push myself and remind myself of what I want the end goal to be. My dream fuels me!
Emily Conrad said…
Well, you've been to my blog, so you know my husband is a huge motivator for me. I don't talk about it as much, but my mom and sister are also big influences on me. Where my husband teaches me about hard work, dedication, and self control, they teach me to chase after my dreams and be the best I can be. Sometimes, it takes all of them, in their own ways, to keep me going. :)
denise petrovich said…
I find inspiration in my children, they are all very passionate and I like that. Also, my husband inspires me as he will work no matter how bad he may feel where I tend to want to rest and get lazy. He has great work ethic.
Jody Hedlund said…
Wow, he's really putting a lot of hard work into it! That's awesome! But you're so right--when we truly want to succeed at something we have to put our whole heart and soul into it!
Patti said…
What it really takes is not to be lazy and use each minute of the day effectively. Sounds like your husband is doing that.
Anonymous said…
His show idea sounds so intriguing. Can't wait to hear more about it. :O)
Donna, so sweet about your husband. :-) I'm thankful for blogging buds too!

Jeanette, the grumpy dwarf??? LOL Are you short or something? Heehee. I think someday, if I stayed home, I could write that much. But right now I manage 1-2 hours a day. That's it. LOL

Sarah, squee! I love it. That sounds just perfect to me. :-)
Karen, good differentiation on inspiration and drive. Deadlines drive me too, but my husband has inspired me to be more dedicated and focused. Best to you as well! ;-)

Julie, I'm amazed by the whole editing thing. In so many ways I see the relation to writing a book. I hope you keep your dream strong and alive. :-)
Oh, I wish we could bottle your husband's energy and drive right now, and pass it along to all of our bloggy friends. That would be a dream! * sigh *
Emily, I'm impressed your husband motivates you to exercise! I like how you say each person offers different types of inspiration and motivation. So true.

Hi mom, I'm going to call you later. You're right about Joe! He's definitely a hard worker.

Yep, Jody! :-) He does that too. The man throws himself into things.
Patti N. that's a good point about using our days effectively. :-)

Diane, I'll definitely be posting more soon. I'm EXTREMELY excited for him. :-)

Hi Shannon, trust me, if I could bottle the Midas touch he has...well, I'd be a super rich woman. lol Thanks for stopping by!
Angie Muresan said…
Best of luck to your husband, Jessica.

I'm inspired by many things, but mostly it has to do motherhood, beauty, and love.
Jaime Wright said…
Coffee fuels my desires. I mean seriously, without coffee I'd be a puddle of nothingness.

Juan Valdez inspires me ;)
Kathy said…
Good question. I guess I'd choose my oldest son. He does SO many, many things. His days are totally full. He is a college student, a musical director for one show after the other, a member of a rock band, he works 2 or 3 part-time jobs on campus and has to do homework every night.

He inspires me to work harder.
Danyelle L. said…
*inspiration cookies*

If I don't write, my characters tend to take drastic measures. :p
Angie, those are some good inspirations. ;-)

Ahhh, Jaime. I think I need to go get myself some.

Huge WOW on your son Kathy! That would inspire me too.

Danyelle, could your characters come talk to mine? Mine are not quite bossy enough and they tend to sleep when I do. Heh.
I am so driven sometimes, it's scary. I don't know what pushes me, really. Maybe it's because I'm stubborn and no one thinks I can do it. It's a passion, a need to fulfill a dream that comes mostly from within myself, I think. But also, I see my children, and I know that I want to be something strong for them. I want them to feel like they can do anything because look at mommy: she published lots of books even though all the odds were stacked against her. I think when we truly need and want inspiration and motivation, we can find it. Anywhere.

Great post. You seem very inspired by your husband. Love that. I hope to do that for my family, too.
Terri Tiffany said…
Good husband! I get driven if I am really passionate about something--then I go all out. Like writing a book I love.
Carolina, thanks for returning the visit. :-) I think it's a wonderful thing for children to see their parents striving toward their dreams. I have a feeling your kiddos will learn great things from you. :-)

Terri, I know! YOu blew me away with how quickly you wrote your women's fiction. Amazing example!
patti said…
WOW. Talk about inspirational.
LOVE this post, Jessica.

Hmmm. Who drives me?
Fellow writers (you included, doll)
The Holy Spirit, whose gentle whisper revs my engine. "You can do it."

Talk about a MUSE!!!

Tamika: said…
He sounds like the little steam engine that could! Good for him.

Our dreams are just waiting for us to get the gears in motion. I try and spend as much time in prayer as I can to keep my footing and motivation in tact. It has to be a daily operation.

This morning I actually said I don't want to write, I want to read. The Holy Spirit said, "you have to write if you ever want someone to read your words." Ouch.
anita said…
My characters come alive and hold me hostage ... ummm ... I mean they INSPIRE me to finish thier stories. Yeah, that's it. Heh.

You don't think I made them mad, do you? *trembling while looking over my shoulder*

Nancy said…
Another great title.

My husband teaches me all the time by his passion for the family. I try to imitate him in that.

My passion, besided the family, is to use my writing gift for the Lord. It takes many forms. I love it when a special passion comes. It doesn't happen all the time. Sometimes I need to just be obedient.
Deb Shucka said…
I'm seriously inspired by your husband's commitment to this project! My own inner inspiration ebbs and flows depending on the job at hand.
Hi Jess -

I'm sometimes a bit slow getting started, but once I get rolling, watch out. :)

If it is writing, I get stuck in. If it is weeding...I find other things to do!

How lovely your DH has something he is enjoying, and can put so much of himself into it. Good luck to him.
Warren Baldwin said…
How can we get one of his fishing videos? I'd like to learn more about what he is doing. Does he have a FB page?

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