Book Review and Giveaway!!! A Hope Undaunted By Julie Lessman

Reading Julie Lessman's books is like sitting down for my favorite soap for an hour of guilty pleasure. Her books pack a powerful spiritual punch though, and unlike a soap opera, her characters actually learn from their mistakes and repent.

Her latest release is A Hope Undaunted. Below are some things she graciously shared with me.

1. Are there any scenes in AHU modeled after your own life?

As a matter of fact, there are two things I pulled directly from my own life. The first is mentioned in the opening scene where we find out that Katie O’Connor was made fun of in kindergarten because of skin condition she had, which consequently molds her into a champion for the underdog and women’s rights. In that scene, an elderly nun asks Katie if she has leprosy in front of the whole class, and that kicks off a barrage of ridicule from her classmates, which is exactly what happened to me in the 2nd grade.

You see, when I was in half-day kindergarten, I attended all day because my sisters and brothers were in the upper grades, and my parents only wanted to make one round trip. As a result, I was the teacher’s pet and so popular that kids used to fight over holding my hand. But when my parents moved me to a different school in 2nd grade, the switch was so traumatic that I broke out in psoriasis all over my legs and arms, forcing me to wear sweaters and knee socks year-round just like Katie O’Connor. The summer before I changed schools again in the 5th grade, I got angry about the psoriasis and stopped wearing knee socks and sweaters. Lo and behold, the psoriasis cleared up after being in the sun, and when school started I became “popular” again. I remember how the popular clique wanted me to join them, but I refused, choosing to hang out with the “rejects” instead because I wanted nothing to do with people who thought they were better than everyone else. It was a bitter lesson to learn, but one that has given me (and Katie O’Connor in the story) a soft heart for the underdog.

The second scene that is modeled after something in my life appears later in the book where Katie’s sister, Faith, tries to talk her into turning her life over to God. Katie does not share her family’s deep faith and is almost agnostic, which is a person who doubts the truth of religion. Here’s a snippet of that scene where Faith talks to her about God:

“Katie,” Faith whispered, “you say He’s not real to you, that you’re not sure He even exists. But right this minute, one of us is right and one of us is wrong ...”
Katie looked into her sister’s face, as if compelled to listen by some strange force that pulled at her with a tentative thread of hope.
Wetness shimmered in Faith’s eyes. “If it’s me who is wrong, then I have lost nothing. Because even if I have believed in a lie or a fairy-tale, then that lie or fairy-tale has given me more joy, more hope and more strength than anything I have ever encountered. But if it is you who is wrong, Katie, I tremble to think that you will have lost everything—His joy, His peace, His hope …” Her voice softened to a bare whisper. “His salvation.” She straightened then, her manner as sure as the conviction in her tone. “I repeat, Katie, one of us is right and one of us is wrong. Do it now, I beg of you—invite Him into your heart. Because truly, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

The above words that Faith speaks are exactly what I spoke to an agnostic friend of mine from work years ago, but Katie’s response that follows in the scene below is taken from words I actually spoke in the privacy of my bedroom after a woman at work (the one who brought me to Christ) challenged me to ask Christ into my heart years prior:

Gripping her sister’s hand like a lifeline in a stormy sea, Katie lifted her face to the ceiling while water seeped from her lidded eyes. Her voice quivered, but her resolve was sure. “God, Faith says You’re up there, that You care for me and have a plan for my life. If You are … and I’m not just talking to a ceiling … will You show me? Reveal Yourself to me, Your love, Your purpose for my life. Please, God, come into my heart and make me the woman You want me to be.”

2.) AHU is the fourth novel you've written revolving around the same family, with each previous novel spotlighting its own hero and heroine. Do you resonate with your heroine Katie in any ways differently than you've related to previous heroines?

Katie is actually based on my own 22-year-old daughter Amy rather than me, so I don’t relate to Katie as much as I do to Faith (who is my spiritual self) or Charity (who is my passionate self before Christ) or Lizzie (who is my dreamer self), except for the ways I mentioned above. My Amy is in law school like Katie is and has a quick wit and a precise list as to what she wants in a husband, just like Katie O’Connor.

3.)There are quite a few kisses in AHU. Which one is your favorite and how do you feel it morally and emotionally changed your characters?

Oh, without question, the scene where Luke kisses Katie for the first time in the offices of the Boston Children’s Aid Society is my VERY favorite. I love everything about it—Katie’s attraction to Luke, his concern for her welfare and subsequent kiss, his shock over her passionate response followed by his shock over her slap of his face. That slap triggers something in him that changes his gentle concern to a hard and dominating kiss that’s meant to insult her, but all it does is seal Katie’s fate … and Luke’s.

That single kiss changes Katie O’Connor forever, transforming her from a strong woman in control to a woman weakened at the knees by a man who suddenly controls her, at least emotionally. Morally it weakened her as well because where she once was involved with only one man, she now finds herself passionate about another at the same time, causing her to fall into Luke McGee’s arms at the drop of a hat while she is still going with Jack. Emotionally, that kiss scares the daylights out of her because she does NOT want to be attracted to Luke or allow him to control her in anyway, especially in the arena of love. Nope, Katie has plans to marry Jack, a wealthy lawyer whom she has eating out of her hand … not a penniless street lawyer like Luke McGee who refuses to let her run the show. 

Julie Lessman is an award-winning author whose tagline of “Passion With a Purpose” underscores her intense passion for both God and romance. Winner of the 2009 ACFW Debut Author of the Year and Holt Medallion Awards of Merit for Best First Book and Long Inspirational, Julie is also the recipient of 13 Romance Writers of America awards and was voted by readers as “Borders Best of 2009 So Far: Your Favorite Fiction” at She resides in Missouri with her husband, daughter, son and daughter-in-law and is the author of The Daughters of Boston series, which includes A Passion Most Pure, A Passion Redeemed, and A Passion Denied. You can contact Julie through her website at

One thing I love about Lessman's books is how she writes passion, both emotional and physical. Her stories never fail to drop me into drama and hook me until I reach the end.

When you read romance, what level of steam do you prefer? Have you read Lessman? If so, who is your favorite character in the O'Connor family?

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Oh my, I had the honor of dining with Julie last Friday and I must say she's one of the most entertaining and awesome people I've ever met.
~ Wendy
Sherrinda said…
Oh yes, I've read Julie's books and her "steam" is the kind of steam I love! She writes the best kissing scenes...sigh. I can't wait to read this one!!!

Don't enter me, since I won it on another blog! It's coming soon!!!! Yay!!!!
Sherrinda said…
Oh yes, I've read Julie's books and her "steam" is the kind of steam I love! She writes the best kissing scenes...sigh. I can't wait to read this one!!!

Don't enter me, since I won it on another blog! It's coming soon!!!! Yay!!!!
I've heard so many good things about Julie; I'd love to win one of her books! Please enter my name in the drawing, and thanks to both of you.

I like a little steam, to propel me onward, but not so much that I turn three shades of pink.
Julie Lessman said…
JESSICA ... Thank you for your kind words and for hosting me on your blog today. And I apologize that this one slipped through the cracks on me. You can tell that I wrote it late last night because in the last sentence of the first paragraph of question 1, I left out the word "asks" after "elderly nun" and before "Katie," but I guess readers will get my drift. I gotta slow down, I think ... :)

WENDY!!! It was SOOOO darn good to meet you, girl, and that lunch was one of the best experiences I've ever had at a conference. The mix of woman there was THE BEST!! Hope to do a repeat next year!

Hey, SHERRINDA, I can't wait to read YOUR books because I DO know that you are are a girl who likes "steam." :)

JEANETTE ... My books are like misting your face over a warm pot of water ... not enough to turn your face red, but enough to give you a rosy glow! :) Good luck in the contest.

Cindy R. Wilson said…
Bring on the steam! I had the opportunity to meet Julie briefly at the conference and she was just as fabulous in person as she sounds on paper. What was awesome, though, is how much everyone thought of her and her writing, which made me want to read her work even more. I've never read one of her books but this one sounds like it's right up my alley :)
I'd love a chance to read it! Thanks!
Terri Tiffany said…
I have never had the pleasure to read one of her books but I love her tagline! It sounds terrific!
Holly said…
I like just about every level of steam, sometimes I'm in the mood for more, sometimes less. I've read all of Julie's books, and while I think Lizzie is my favorite because I identify with her most, I think Katie has the potential to steal that spot once I read this new book.

Patti said…
I loved this description:

her characters actually learn from their mistakes and repent

Sounds like a great book full of lessons.
anita said…
Great post, Jessie! And Julie, wonderful interview and testimonial. Thanks so much for sharing your heart with us!
Jessica Nelson said…
Yay, you all are entered! :-) And Julie, thanks so much for stopping by! You can tell I rushed it on too 'cause I didn't even catch those typos! LOL I'll go in and fix them. I also need to put in some live links for people to click on.

Oh, and I met Julie at last year's conference. She's wonderful, very vibrant and warm!
Diane said…
I have never read any of her books but see great reviews everywhere I look. I will have to check her out. I did put a link for her blog contest on my site so others can find her too. :O)

Awesome giveaway!
T. Anne said…
Well since you compared it to the guilty pleasure of a soap I'm going to have to read this now! I really, really hope her novels are available for kindle!!!!! I'm ready to read this weekend. =)
Jessica Nelson said…
Diane, when I grabbed a link from amazon, I noticed that she had quite a few reviews and all of them were 5s!! I think people really respond to how she writes.

T. Anne, LOL. I have no clue but you'll have to let me know what you think. :-)
Michelle said…
I've read all of Julie's books, and I've loved every one! The level of steam is just right. I love how Julie describes it as "misting your face over a warm pot of water". That sounds just about right! :D

Who is my favorite character of the O'Connor family? Can I be diplomatic, and say that they're all my favorite? LOL! ;-)

Okay, I'll choose just one character, and go with Faith.

Thanks for a chance to win a signed book! I appreciate it!

scraphappy71 at sbcglobal dot net
Jolene Perry said…
Wow. great interview, thanks for sharing!
I haven't read Julie Lessman, but I love your description, Jessica! Exactly what would make me turn page after page! Thanks for the interview and the drawing. I enjoy reading your blog.
Tamika: said…
Wonderful interview ladies:) I haven't had the privilege to read any of Julie's work, so please include me in the drawing!
Jessica Nelson said…
Thanks for stopping by, Cheryl! I like reading yours too. :-)

Tamika, you're included!

Your welcome, Jolene. Thanks for commenting!

Michelle, I've loved all her books too! LOL I think Faith is the one I relate to the most, though Lizzie is next, but ask me to choose a hero and I'd flounder! They're all know. The B S-word. *grin*
LuLu said…
AHU is the first Julie Lessman book that I have read and now I'm hooked! I would love to win a copy for my mom!

As for steam, I like emotional steam as well as a bit of passion, but I do like to use my imagination as well! I really loved Katie for all of her spunk and trouble...she reminded me of myself a bit, I didn't always obey quite so well as a teenager myself!

~Lauri M (lulu)
Anonymous said…
Bring on 'the steam.' I have loved ALL of Julie's books...and I am eagerly waiting to read Katie's story...thanks for the chance, Julie & Jessica :)

kmkuka at yahoo dot com
Jessica Nelson said…
Lauri, you didn't obey, huh? *grin* Thanks for commenting!

Hi Karen, you're definitely entered. ;-) Thanks for stopping by!
Elana Johnson said…
Wow, sounds like a great read! And I love it when there are personal things in the MS--so great to read about them here.
Anonymous said…
I would to read this book. I have psoriasis now and I know the little kids wouldn't understand it. When I was in grade school I had to wear very heavy clunky shoes that made a lot of noise when I went down the hall. Of course, everyone would turn around and stare at me!
Wonderful interview. Please enter me for this contest.
Julie Lessman said…
CINDY!!! Oh man, I met SO many people, and your picture is SO small here, that my mind is in a fog -- where did I meet you and when??? Was it at the Seeker get-together in the lobby bar at night?? And you haven't read any of my books yet???? Well now, we are just going to have to remedy that, girl, and soon. So if you do not win here, PLEASE check out my website calendar for scads of giveaways I have going on now, okay?

TERRI ... You know, I could have SWORN that you won one of my books on Seekerville ... am I dreaming that???? I remember your picture and your name, I think, but then with my brain and memory, one never knows! Good luck in the contest.

HOLLY ... If you like Lizzie, I'm thinking that Katie won't be able to steal that spot from her sister because Lizzie is just so sweet and Katie is ... well, not exactly "sweet," ESPECIALLY to Luke McGee!! But I'd love to hear who wins out after you read AHU, okay?

Julie Lessman said…
Hey, PATTI, I gotta tell you that every one of my books is chock full of life lessons I have learned because let me tell you, I have made a LOT of mistakes in my life. But God has always been so gracious to forgive and issue me that wonderful insurance policy of His--"All things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose." That's me, and that's you, and all I do is write stories around that. :) Good luck in the contest!

ANITA ... you are more than welcome because "sharing my heart" is what I like to do best (particularly in my writing!) ... although my husband prefers to call it "shooting my mouth off" ... :)

JESSICA ... I still remember meeting you at the Seeker get-together in the lobby, girl, and you were missed this year, truly!

Julie Lessman said…
DIANE ... Oh, I am SOOO glad you are seeing "great reviews everywhere you look," but don't check out the 1-stars on Amazon because they will scare you off with not-so-subtle references to "scum reading" and "smut." BUT ... if you are not adverse to a little passion (okay, a lot!!) in your romance and your relationship with God, then I'm the author for you! And thank you SOOO much for posting a link for my Facebook contest with a Kindle giveaway and lots of other prizes too! Good luck in the contest.

T. ANNE!!! You bet my novels are on Kindle, girl, so if you purchase one, PLEASE start with book 1, A Passion Most Pure, which was American Christian Fiction Writers' Debut Book of the Year last year. The reason is that these really are two series that need to be read in order to get the most out of them due to a number of big surprises in book 1. So if you win this contest, I will be happy to send you A Passion Most Pure, okay? Good luck!

JESSICA ... I do have a ton of 5-stars, especially on APMP (80), and let's face it, my family is big (13 kids), but even I can't rustle up that many sympathy votes ... :)

Julie Lessman said…
MICHELLE!!! Honey, I can't write fast enough to keep you in new books to win, girl. You and Sherrinda (and Ann Miller) are multiple winners, which just proves that Sherrinda's reference to "cyber-stalking" my blog giveaways last year pays off!! And, girl, you are always so diplomatic, that I didn't know who your favorite heroine was!! I would not have pegged you for a "Faith" ... I see you a little bit sassier ... :)

JOLENE ... thanks for coming by and good luck in the contest!

Okay, CHERYL ... you're another one we need to get winning one of my books, girl! I'm loving Jessica's blog here because there are SO many of you guys who have never read me before, so that challenges me like you cannot believe!! I'm having tons of blog giveaways, so please check out my website calendar if you don't win here, okay? And good luck!

Julie Lessman said…
TAMIKA ... another newbie to my books!!! WOW, Jessica, your blog is a virtual goldmine of new readers, so here's to a win, Tamika, and I'm glad you enjoyed the interview. Kind of wish I had included an excerpt of a love scene to hook you guys ... :)

JESSICA ... okay, I'm showing my age here (or my stupidity), but what does "B S" word stand for ???

LAURI ... what a very nice word -- "hooked"!! :) Thanks for reading my book, my friend, and here's to a win for you mom!

Julie Lessman said…
KAREN -- one of my very favorite "steam lovers"!! Thanks for dropping by, girl, and let's see if we can't get you a signed copy of AHU ...

ELANA ... yep, I put lots of "personal things" in my books because nobody knows it's from my life, so I can get away with it! :) But, the life lessons are VERY real as a result, so hopefully others can learn from my mistakes.

ANONYMOUS ... oh, girl, my heart goes out to you because I remember those stares all too well myself. Katie rises above the ridicule and hurt, like I did, and hopefully you too. Kids can be so cruel! My kids were NEVER allowed to say anything unkind about anyone, and if they did, retribution was swift, ensuring they never made fun of anyone again. As a result, I have children who are sensitive to others, which makes my heart swell with pride.Good luck in the contest, my friend.

patti said…
Dear ladies, Julie Lessman's romances are as good as they get. Of course, she recently convinced me to buy The Outlander, which I will crack open TONIGHT, and Laura Frantz's The Frontiersman's Daughter. CANNOT WAIT to see about the competition!

UNbelievably, today in Normal, Illinois, a woman at a potluck shared that Julie was her favorite writer and that she'd convinced a local store to carry her books. Now do you think I gave her some bookmarks? HUH? You bet!!!

Don't miss out on this book, which is also on my shelf, waiting, waiting...

Jessica Nelson said…
Patti, too cool about that lady!!! I've actually seen Julie's books in my town library. Did I mention I live in a very, very small city? (seems like a town, but the sign says city) LOL

Julie, thanks so much for responding to everyone! You're awesome! And I'm a little ditzy. I meant the Big S-word (SEXY) *grin*
Julie Lessman said…
PATTI!!! Wow, you're starting Diana G. tonight???? Man, you won't ever want to read me again -- she is AWESOME!! And Laura, too, so I know you are in for some late nights, girl!! And thank you for telling me about the woman at the potluck -- that is ALWAYS so fun to hear!! I miss you, girl -- how far is Normal again???

JESSICA ... grin ... now "sexy" I understand, and if I must say so myself, my heroes are definitely that. Sigh. :)

Molly said…
I am a new Julie Lessman fan and am saddened at my self for NOT reading her books sooner! I've heard of amazing things about her and am going to HAVE to have ALL her books at some point! Thanks for this amazing giveaway...I am a new follower of your fabulous blog!

Mollydedwards AT yahoo DOT com
Jessica Nelson said…
Hi Molly, thank you so much for stopping by and for following. :-) I'm collecting her books too! Don't feel bad though, I only started because I won the first one, but it was enough for me to buy the second. And now I'm making a collection. LOL
Hi Jess & Julie -

Great interview! Writing a book can be a form of therapy.

I've read three of Julie's books and would love to win this one. Please enter me in the giveaway.

susanjreinhardt AT gmail DOT com

Susan :)
Julie Lessman said…
MOLLY ... big smile here ... don't be sad, girl -- you're reading them now and that's all that matters, right? But I will admit that I'm a wee bit sad you didn't read them in order, but that will be the true test whether you like them or not -- if you can get through them already knowing the big surprises in book 1 A Passion Most Pure. WHICH, would be my pleasure to send you, so good luck!

JESSICA, that's what I like to hear -- book collectors -- especially when the books are mine!! :) Thanks, sweetie.

SUSAN!!! Always love seeing your name pop up, my friend, so thanks for coming by. And, yes, writing a book is definitely therapy ... at least for me! AND ... it's a great outlet for my passion for God and romance! Good luck in the contest, Susan, and I hope you like AHU.

cynthia said…
I love all of Julie's books. They are full of passion, but not too much steam. ;) My favorite character--it's a toss up between Faith and Lizzie. I love how Faith can be so calm, yet she has a fiery side to her. For Lizzie I love how she could be so challenging. I can't wait to read about the latest sister. Thanks for the book giveaway.
cynthiakchow (at) earthlink (dot) net
Julie Lessman said…
Hey, Jackie, you're making the rounds today ... good girl!! :) Now let's see if we can win you another book ...

Deb Shucka said…
What a wonderful interview. Julie sounds like an amazing person in addition to being a gifted writer. Thank you for bringing her into my field of vision.
Julie Lessman said…
Thank you, DEB, and you know what? You sound like a writer to me! Love the line "thank you for bringing her into my field of vision."

Hopefully you win in this contest, like the book, and then I'll be on your radar for a long, long time! :)

Good luck in the contest!

Lady DragonKeeper said…
Well, since I'm a bit younger than all you wonderful ladies who seem to be commenting . . . I haven't read too much "steamy" books, LOL. The only "romance" books were probably Janette Oke books a couple of years ago (I love fantasy books, but I still enjoy historical fiction --thanks to American Girl books 10 years ago). I read a interview online (on the Writing for Christ blog, I believe) with Mrs. Lessman last month or so and I was touched by her testimony and the fact that she wanted to write books that had "passion with a purpose" --so ever since then I've been "blog hopping" entering all the giveaways I can find. =) I actually unknowingly downloaded "APMP" when it was available as a free Kindle book. So I read it soon after I heard about Mrs. Lessman's books. It was a bit more "steamy" than I was used to, but it was alright. ;-) I think that's a good enough level for me, LOLs --I wanted to go into the book and slap Colin sometimes though (even though he's cute =P) . . . that's me though, I hate when a guy takes advantage of the situation like that, so I didn't think it was romantic at all . . . I loved the last quarter of the book though (when I could finally enjoy it all). ;-) I liked Faith, but I'm curious about Lizzy, 'cause she seems to be like me a little bit. Oh, and you can't forget Patrick and Marcy --I loved their relationship, I thought it was an awesome example of a marriage (not that I would know, LOL). Anyways, thanks for doing this contest, and apologies for the super-long post!

Lady DragonKeeper said…
I've read stuff like Tracie Peterson, Janette Oke, etc. that's considered western romances, I guess . . . I don't know about "steam level" . . . nothing too graphic? =) As long as it's in the correct context, I think I'd be okay with it. I haven't read any books by Julie Lessman yet, but my sister's got me entering all the contests she can find (wow, you typed a lot, girl, LOL). ;-)

Thank you for the opportunity to win!
Jackie S. said…
Hey, Julie....another great interview! I am about half way through APMP and have the"rosy glow." Great book!! Please enter me for this one! Thanks muchly!
Jessica Nelson said…
Hey, two Lady Dragon Keepers? LOL! Love your comments, thanks for stopping by. You'll definitely be entered, the both of you. *grin*

LOL Jackie! Gotta love that glow!

Hey Cynthia, thanks for commenting! I think I love reading Charity the most but I relate more to Faith and Lizzie.

Deb, Julie is really fun and I love her intensity for passion and God! Thank you for commenting. :-)
I love Julie's books. But Julie the woman is even more fascinating. Plus, she's a great prayer warrior. I'm so glad God is causing her career to blossom!
Hi from NZ! I'm in the process of selling some of my books so that I can buy more of Julie's! I have only read the first two so far, and Faith is the character I relate to most. Loved book two as well and cannot wait to read them all!!
Thanks for the opportunity to win!
Karen Lange said…
Great interview! So glad you both shared it with us. Always love to see where my favorite authors are coming from.
Have a blessed weekend,
Julie Lessman said…
LADY DRAGONKEEPER!!! Hello again, my friend! SO glad to see you are back, trying to get the rest of the books. And if you are used to reading Janette Oke (WHO, by the way, I got to see at the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference last weekend!! She is LOVELY and SUCH a legend in this industry, truly), then yes, my books would seem a bit steamier, I'm sure, but you will be glad to know (as was my husband), that I toned the steam down just a hair in A Hope Undaunted ... at least from what it was in A Passion Denied, which I think is the "steamiest" of all my books, but only because there are a lot of love scenes between the married couples, which my publisher told me was A-OK!!

And LD, you wanted to "slap Collin"?? Grin, that's usually the reaction I get for Charity!! :) As far as loving Marcy and Patrick's relationship -- THANK YOU!! They are actually based on my relationship with my husband, which should tell you RIGHT NOW that it IS possible to have that kind of romance and communication in your marriage ... but ONLY with God in the center and applying His precepts EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!!

I cannot BELIEVE you apologized for your "super-long post" ... to ME, Queen of Verbosity and 500-page books!! Good luck in the contest, sweetie. :)

Julie Lessman said…
KRISTIA ... uh, or should I say LD2??? :) Well, maybe I need ages here, especially if you guys are used to sweeter romance ... :/ But I honestly would say anyone 14 on up could read these books, although I'm sure some moms might disagree. But thanks for being such a good sister and trying to win a book for LD1! :) Good luck, LDs ...

JACKIE!!! Okay, now I'm confused ... haven't you read all my books already except for AHU???? Or are you just rereading APMP? And, YES, I LOVE that "rosy glow" you're talking about. I get it too, especially when I read A Passion Redeemed ... my favorite of the DOB series. But then Mitch has a way of stealing my heart ... sigh. Anyway, Jackie, did you know you just won ANOTHER book???? Check your e-mail, girl, will ya???

YEAH, JESSICA!!! A girl after my own heart. I absolutely LOVE Charity ... she makes me laugh every time she is in a scene, no joke! ESPECIALLY in the next book, A Heart Revealed. She is a STITCH!! You are gonna LOVE her, I promise!

Julie Lessman said…
ROXANNE!!! OMIGOSH, girl, a blast from the past!! I missed you at ACFW this year -- you weren't there, were you??? Because you would be in BIG trouble if you did not stop by the Revell book signing to see me!! I would LOVE to hear what's going on with you, so can you e-mail me or catch me up on Facebook??? Good luck and hope to hear from you soon.

ELIZABETH!!! Girlfriend, we GOTTA get you book 3 of DOB and book 1 of WOC ASAP, so keep entering every giveaway, okay? I don't care HOW far away you are, you're included in the contest. Good look, sweetie.

AW, KAREN ... thank you for including me in your "favorite authors" -- that blesses me!! Good luck in this contest and you have a blessed weekend too.

Jessica Nelson said…
Julie, you're so awesome to keep popping by everyday. :-) I can't wait to read Charity in the next books. I love her bluntness about sex too. :-)

Hey Karen! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have an awesome weekend too! :-)

Elizabeth in NZ? As in New Zealand??? Too cool! Thanks so much for commenting and good luck selling those books! :-)
Jessica Nelson said…
Hey Roxanne, I def. believe she's a great prayer warrior and am glad her career is taking off. :-)
Charlotte said…
I am so anxious to win one of your autographed books, Julie, that I am on this site as well. It would be the next best thing to meeting you in person at a book signing. Until then. . . I want you to know that I LOVE your writing style! Your books are addicting reads! God bless you!

char saltz (at) yahoo (dot) com
Lady DragonKeeper said…
Oops! I'm sorry Mrs. Nelson. I guess left my username on there . . . I really do have a sister who's helping me (we're bookworms, so all I had to say is two words to get her to post, "free book." =)

Haha, Mrs. Lessman --long books are the greatest! I read the Kindle version of APMP, so I didn't know how many pages there were . . . From what I've seen, most readers rant about Charity, so I thought I'd give her a break, plus its just fun to give him a hard time (yes, I know he's a book character). ;-)

I don't like posting ages online, but I guess I can say my sister and I are in the . . . upper teen range (we're close in age too, so we call each other our "almost twin" sister sometimes). =D It's just that we haven't read too much that would be considered in the romance genre. Mostly fantasy and sci-fi (three of us siblings are total Star Wars fan-people --we know what happens after the movies, LOL).

Wow, I'd love to meet ANY Christian fic. author in real life . . . =)

Have a great day everyone!

(This is not a contest entry)
Jennie Allen said…
No- but they sound great!
Julie Lessman said…
JESSICA ... you love Charity's bluntness about sex too??? So do I ... uh, I wonder where she gets it from ... :)

CHARLOTTE ... go for it, girl, because this is definitely the way to win a signed book, truly!! And I would LOVE to meet you at a book signing too ... wish that were as easy as e-mailing or leaving comments!! Thank you for your kind support and words -- it means MORE than I can express. Good luck, sweetie.

LADY DRAGONKEEPER & SIS: You guys are too cute and really do need to win a book! Maybe this one is it ... ? :) And you and LD2 are Sci-fi fans and you read MY books??? WOW ... that's impressive!! And I'm glad you plan to give Charity a break and read her story -- she really is great and gets funnier (to me) in every book. But I will admit, there are some readers who absolutely hate her still, which makes me sad. :(

JENNIE ALLEN ... Always love it when a new reader stumbles onto one of my interviews, because it's fun to get their reactions when they read the first book A Passion Most Pure ... uh, that is, if they like it!! :) Good luck in the contest!

Project Journal said…
I love, love, love the purple background you have going on now!! Purple's my favorite color : )

Hi again Julie!
I know I told you in my email, but can I reiterate how FUN it has been recently seeing you all over the place?? Everywhere I turn it's Julie this and Julie that. Difference is: it's not in the annoying way *grin* I've thoroughly enjoyed seeing you EVERYWHERE!
I've only read your first I regretfully say : ( That's why I keep popping up all over the place in hopes of getting another!! LOL!!
Talk to you later, hun,
Project Journal said…
Ohp, forgot my email!!


Jessica Nelson said…
Charlotte, you're entered! :-)

DragonKeeper, no problem! LOL You gotta do what you gotta do to get those entries in!!! *grin*

Hey Hannah! Thanks! I like the color too. :-)
Julie Lessman said…
HANNAH!!! You've only read A Passion Most Pure???? HOLY COW, girl, you've got three books to go yet, so we better rustle up a win for you, I guess! Well, I'm glad you're posting those comments wherever you can because the odds are really good. Here's to a win, sweetie. :)


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