Life in the Borderland

I've been traveling the world of Writerdom for many years now and I've traversed through different lands (Query Land andAgent Land), but I've never been on the border before.
It's the strange and shadowy place between Unpublished and Published. There are befuddling sights in this region and new sounds. People from both sides mingle here and I'm seeing things from both the same and a new perspective. (Dichotomy, anyone?)

What's your region like halfway into 2011? Are you enjoying it or counting the minutes until you escape? Have you ever felt like you belonged somewhere other than where you find yourself now?


Good Morning, Jess -

What a great analogy! I'm not at the border yet, but I'm moving toward it.

All the preparation must be surreal. You're book is being published, but it hasn't been launched yet.

Pinch yourself, Jess! It's really happening. :)

I've been pinching and I still feel like I'm dreaming! LOL Can't wait to see you here, Susan. :-)
Kara said…
Love this!
Well, I have obviously been in la la land because I am just now catching up with you and realizing you are soon to be a published author!! Woo hoo, I am doing the happy dance for you right now. That is so exciting, and I can't wait to read your book.
I'm hoping to get my act together soon so maybe I can travel down the same road in five years. I think I'll need lots of help:)
Congrats again Jessica!
Katie Ganshert said…
I'm very happy with where I am right now, which is an odd thing for a writer. :) Love being in the borderland with you, Jess!
Stephanie Faris said…
I feel like I'm in limbo. I have an agent but still no publishing deal. It's DEFINITELY a weird place to be. And I've been here so long, people are assuming I'm published by now so I'm getting the constant, "When's your book coming out?" line of questioning, which is kinda depressing.

Just trying to enjoy the moment because I know by the time I'm published I'll probably be missing things about now!
Oh no, Stephanie! It will happen for you. I know several people in the same place you are right now. Yep, enjoy it before deadlines and reviews are your big worries. *hugs*

Katie, I love that you're here too! It's really fun and kind of encouraging, you know? :-)

Hey Kara! Thanks for coming by! And LOL on lala land. I know you're so busy with your family, school, etc. That does NOT count as lala land. :-)
Is that a new pic? I like it!

I'm camped out at the moment, waiting on the signal to march on into new territory.

Camping sounds so much better than...waiting!!! :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. Nice to meet you.
Jessica, yep, new pic. :-) Thanks! And yes, camping seems much more productive, right? lol

Hi Carol, thanks for returning the visit. ;-)
Erica Vetsch said…
It's a strange place to be, isn't it? I was on the borderland for 14 months between contract and publication...but it was a good thing, because I kept writing and sold more books in that time. :)

Really looking foward to your first release! (And all the ones that come after.)
Patti said…
I'm trying to enjoy where I am right now and thinking of the positives.
Anonymous said…
Right now I'm stuck in the thick of Writing Land and Day Job Land. One day I'll join you on the border!
"Have you ever felt like you belonged somewhere other than where you find yourself now?"

*crickets chirping*

LOL! You know whereabouts I am, my dear. Let's hope I can join you in borderland BUT SOON.

BTW, I LOVE your new profile pic! You are so BEAUTIFUL. Prettiest smile EVER. :)
Laila Knight said…
Have I ever felt like I belonged somewhere other than where I find yourself now? All the time. Then I remind myself that creation is underway and that everything is happening as it should. The self-pep talk works for me. :)

Also...I love your new picture. You look so pretty and happy.
Keli Gwyn said…
I wish you well as you deal with life in Borderland and look forward to the day you're holding your published book in your hands.
Unknown said…
I was almost there, but decided not to go with the agent. What can I say? Maybe I like it over here in pre-query land. There's still so much to hope for. :D
Sarah Forgrave said…
What an exciting time for you! I'm not sure how to describe where I am, but I'm at peace with it. Did that make any sense? LOL

Love your new pic, btw!
Karen Lange said…
I like the way you put that! I am somewhere in WIP land at the moment and desperately need to clean off my desk! :)
Precy Larkins said…
Jessica, how exciting for you! Congrats!!

I'm nowhere near borders. I'm simply in "writing land" where I happily toy with ideas and write whatever comes to mind. I do foresee in my future a trip to Query land, but at the moment, I'm happy where I am (learning and honing my writing skills). :D

Goodluck and congrats again!
Warren Baldwin said…
Half-way through 2011 - I'm thinking "Oh no, too much still to do this year!" Plus our last child leaves for college in a few weeks. Agh.
Natalie said…
I love this! I think I've been living in borderland for the last 2 years, being agented but not sold. I actually don't mind it! I've been able to work on my craft with the help of experts and with the support of friends. Of course it would be nice to be published someday. :)

Congratulations on your sale! That is really wonderful.
Deb Shucka said…
I really like your new picture, Jessica.

I'm in the wilderness right now, needing a fresh start to my book. Would give just about anything to be somewhere else.
Nancy said…
When I'm at some church retreats, I feel that I belong there. Too bad that I have to go home and practive all that good stuff there, but that's the deal.
I'm so happy for you, but understand how wierd it must feel to be waiting for your baby to be birthed.

I'm in the region of waiting for someone to sign a contract with me, so I can be in your region with you! Only you may be published by then. Do you have a publication date?
Jaime Wright said…
I just close my eyes, hang on tight, and scream as the ride catapults me forward! :)
Heather Sunseri said…
Yes! I have felt like that. Right now, I want to go back to Haiti. Never thought I would say that. The biggest problem with that line of thinking is my husband and kids aren't quite ready to go with me. So, I'll have to wait. :)

fingers are crossed for you as you wade through the in-between.
Linda Glaz said…
Many years!???
C'mon, Jess, my shorts are older!
Good post. Yeah, soon you'll be over hump!

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