It is a gorgeous Florida day. All sun and winter nip. I'm traveling today and admiring the beauty around me.

How is your weather? Can you find beauty in it? What settings do you love to read about in books?


Loree Huebner said…
It's sunny and 50 degrees right now, but the weather is supposed to change to an awful winter mix later.

Happy and safe travels!
Nancy said…
This is a beautiful sunny Michigan day.

I enjoy settings that are somewhat Victorian or at least have huge old houses to explore during the story.
Crystal Collier said…
Where are you traveling in Florida? I'm in the Orlando area, and it is ridiculously cold for this time of the year (especially seeing how it was 80+ degrees last Wednesday). Still, can't complain. It is gorgeous, and always sunny. I think the sun does wonders for a body.
Brandi Boddie said…
The weather here in Georgia is sunny and cool.

Have fun traveling!
Linda Kage said…
It's almost like looking at Heaven. Beautiful!

It's rainy here, but I'm so glad you showed your Florida picture. I'm trying to set my current WIP in Florida, and since I know NOTHING about Florida, I only talk about how the sun is always reflecting off stuff. At least I was right about that!! Cool.
K R Smith said…
Right now it's 30 degrees F (-1 C), but the wind has died down (Mid-Atlantic area).

When I write I often have a setting near a swamp or glade - they always seem dark and mysterious. If I'm reading, nothing sets a mood like an old Victorian mansion.
Loree, sounds lovely!!

Me too, Nancy. I always loved Victoria Holt's novels.

Crystal, totally agree about the sun! I was just driving to Lakeland. Not any kind of huge traveling. lol
Brandi, that sounds so nice!

Linda, feel free to ask me questions any time. :) It's been a warm winter for us but during winter it tends to be very bright and sunny even when it's chilly.

K R, I shivered reading that! LOL Swamps definitely qualify as mysterious. :-)
Sandra Orchard said…
We had beautiful sunny weather, right around 0 C, um that's 32 for you. Snow on the ground. Walked in the woods and saw a whole herd of deer cross our path not more than twenty feet in front of us. Wonderful!
Karen Lange said…
It's blustery and chilly here today (30's) in north central KY. Supposed to be colder tomorrow, too. Winter's not over yet, here anyway. :)
Unknown said…
Totally answering this late, but oh man, it's freeezing in Iowa today. A little hard to handle considering I just spent a long weekend in gorgeous Phoenix. But...I will admit...this morning, for whatever reason, I got a kick out of the cloud of white air my breathing made. I know, silly. But it amused me this morning. Thank goodness for little joys in the midst of crazy cold. :)
Anonymous said…
Great photo. Right now, a photo outside my house would show a bunch of snow, which we need since we have been so dry. All of God's creation is beautiful.
denise petroivch said…
Love most settings if they are stimulating enough to set my mind to daydreaming ;)
denise petroivch said…
Love most settings if they are stimulating enough to set my mind to daydreaming ;)
Yesterday was gray and drizzly. In other words, typical February birthday weather.

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