Writer's Brain Strikes Again

It was a dark and mysterious night....

No, actually, it happened in the school library. The Chair of her school's organization was sitting with her notes, trying to listen and maybe even look somewhat professional, but her mind kept wandering. Suddenly she heard a voice (the voice of the principal, by the way).

"Mrs. Nelson, could you read this next part for us?"

"Um..." She looked down at her papers, scanning, searching...

Yes, my blogger friends, Writer Brain has struck me many, many times. I had to admit to daydreaming that afternoon, not once, but TWICE, because I had no clue where we were. There's a reason I'm not in corporate. Ha!

Have you ever been struck stupid by Writer's Brain? How about Baby Brain (you know, when you're pregnant?)

Do tell!


Unknown said…
I've definitely had baby brain. And yes, I can relate to writer brain. Apparently I get this 'look' when it hits, according to my kids. :D
Jennifer Shirk said…
HA! YES, I have had BOTH!
Here's the good news, I read an article the other day that stated doodling is actually good. It helps create sharper focus.

I'm such a big time doodler--I loved that.

My mind jumps and connects and floats constantly. You are not alone.
Unknown said…
Oh my yes. I don't know how many times I've been imagining a scene in my story while at the grocery store and have run my cart into shelves...or the produce stand...or the meat counter. I'm pretty sure my local grocery store employees know to look out for me... :)
Nancy said…
That is a funny story. Oh, how I can relate. It must have been in high school while I was day dreaming about something. I don't remember if I found my place in time, but the sheer horror of it remains with me.
Oh my goodness! You guys are cracking me up!!!
Karen Lange said…
Yes, I hate when that happens. I try to recover with grace, but it isn't always possible. :)
Brandi Boddie said…
Writer's Brain comes upon me at least once a week. The worst is when I'm thinking about a character's emotions and I actually make the same face that they would. My husband always asks, "Are you ok? Why are you frowning/smiling/cringing?" Unfortunately, all three of these expressions can occur in a one minute time frame.
Linda Kage said…
Usually I get writer's brain when driving to work. I arrive at my destination and think, "yikes, I hope I remembered to stop at that four-way back there."

Or I get it when my hubby is talking to me. Then when I come to, he sighs and says, "Never mind." Geesh, couldn't he tell I was spacing out BEFORE he started talking??

Gosh, Brandi and Linda, I do exactly the same things! LOL
Too many times to mention!
Unknown said…
Haha! Isn't it awful when other people catch us like that? My kids are normally the ones who find me in the midst of writer's brain. Although, baby brain kept sending me to the cabinet instead of the freezer for ice last year.
Angela Ackerman said…
When I was pregnant, I would leave the over on ALL DAY. Like, turn it on for lunch to cook a chicken pot pie, and then hubs would come home for dinner and ask what I was cooking. Um...haha!

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