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Congrats to Julie Jarnigan who just made her first sale!

Nancy Parra did a great post on e-books and traditional publishing.

Katie Salidas breaks down the steps to self-publishing based on her recent experiences. Interesting stuff there.

Today my sisters and I are going tubing down the Rainbow River! Pray we don't meet up with any hungry gators. *grin*

What are your plans? Any dangerous adventures involved?


Kristen Painter said…
Nothing that dangerous. lol Have fun!
Terri Tiffany said…
I would never tube in this water here! Stay safe!
My biggest adventure today is getting my hair cut and fighting the crowds at Wal-mart:)
Jessica Nelson said…
Terri!!! Really? The Rainbow is completely clear because of the springs...this makes me want to talk you into it. LOL

Thanks Kristen! I think we will.
Unknown said…

Have a great time. That sounds like a lot of fun.

Tomorrow, my husband is running in his first marathon! My son, mom and I are going to do the 5K walk and be there to cheer him on at the finish line. I'm so proud of him!
Erica Vetsch said…
It's pouring rain here. The first thunderstorm of the season. My great adventure today is editing. I know, exciting!
Diane said…
Birthday last night and baby shower today. Will the food frenzy ever end??? :O)
Karen Lange said…
Nothing dangerous happening here, just a bday dinner for my daughter:)
Thanks for the links.
Happy weekend,
anita said…
Wow! Congrats to Julie!

Thanks for the great links, Jessie. Be safe and have fun today!
Kara said…
Oh wow have fun! My dangerous activity is unpacking from our trip...scary:)
Hi Jess -

Mom and I went to a Ladies' Tea, ran errands, and visited several yard sales. I hope you enjoyed your day and avoided any denizens of the deep. :)

Jessica Nelson said…
Wow, Julie! I'm impressed by both you and your family! LOL Marathons...kind of makes me want to shudder. :-) So, how'd all of you do?

Erica! I love thunderstorms (as long as they don't affect my electricity, lol) I hope you got in tons of editing!
Jessica Nelson said…
LOL Diane! Watch out for the sugar high. That's a lot of partying. :-)

Karen, I hope you have a lovely weekend too, and I hope that the dinner went well. :-)

Anita, pretty cool about Julie, right? Very awesome.
Jessica Nelson said…
Kara, that is a little scary. *smirk*

Susan, actually, I did see a gator! He was just a little guy but it was still cool. Hope you enjoyed your tea! :-) Do those ladies know you write scary suspenses? *grin*
Deb Shucka said…
Looking forward to hearing about your scary adventure. Be safe.
Angela Ackerman said…
Oh my gosh! How fun will that be? We have a river running by our house and I'm determined that this is the year I'll take my kids tubing on it. Let us know all about it. And don't forget pics!
Warren Baldwin said…
I'll be checking out the other sites. Look interesting. About the gators ... never cared for them when I lived in Florida. Make a lot of noise and scare them off.
Nancy J. Parra said…
Hi Jessica, thanks for the link and mention of my blog post. :)

Hope you enjoyed your weekend! Cheers~

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