I Knew Them When

I'm busy in revision land, so I just wanted to throw out some encouraging shout-outs. I started reading the blogs of most of the bloggers below Pre-Agents/Pre-Publication, and now they all have contracts and/or books released.
You never know when it'll happen to you!

So here they are: Proof that writers CAN get pubbed. :-)

Jody Hedlund I started reading her blog before she had an agent. Now she's on the bestseller list!

Katie GanshertI started reading her blog pre-Agent too, back when it was called Brain Throw-up (which I still think is genius! lol)

Anita HowardBeen reading her blog since before I had any commenters on my blog!

Elana JohnsonYep, before she had an agent or a contract. Now look what she has coming out!

Julie JarnaginI met her after she'd received her contract but have to do a shout-out because her debut just released!

Kristen PainterWas reading her pre-contract; now she has books coming out everywhere!

I feel like I'm missing someone, so if it's you, send me a message and I'll get a link up. Can I blame my forgetfulness on too much chocolate and not enough sleep?

Have you known anyone who got the call? Does getting published feel impossible or do you see that it can be done?


Katie Ganshert said…
Awww! Thanks, Jessica! Yep - Brain Throw Up. I liked it too, but not the most professional of titles. ;)

I can't wait to celebrate with you when your big day comes!! How are revisions going?
Jessica Nelson said…
They're going pretty well, thanks. .:-) And I know it wasn't professional, but it was sooo funny! :-)
Heather Sunseri said…
I got a chuckle remembering Katie's Brain Throw Up.

Hope you're doing well, Jessica.
Jessica Nelson said…
I am, Heather, thanks. :-) And thanks for popping by!
Anonymous said…
I love, love seeing the success of others! Thanks for sharing these. I've only read 1, so need to catch up on the other's.

In my area's writing groups I know people who have been published and awarded. So, yes I see it can be done!
I Knew Them When too! And I couldn't be more proud. I'm the cheerleader on the sidelines doing flips. Actually, I'm running the race doing flips. ;)

~ Wendy
Kristen Painter said…
You'll get there, Jessica! It just takes perseverance.
Hi Jessica -

Someday I'll say about you, "I knew her before she was a best-selling author." :)

Karen Hossink said…
Hmmm. I'm not getting enough sleep either. But I haven't got any chocolate. Can you send some my way??? *wink*
I love success stories! Thanks for posting links. I think the first blog post I read of Katie's was when she announced her contract! :)
Erica Vetsch said…
So fun to see these stories of success. And I can't wait to read your name in a list like this! :)
Robyn Campbell said…
I remember Katie's brain throw up. Now look at her. And Jody, and Elana.

My crit partner got the call, and her YA sci-fi debuted #7 on the New York Times Best Seller list in January. This made me see it can and will happen. But in its own time. And we can't wait, right? :-)
Linda Glaz said…
Yup! One day I will able to say, I knew you when, Jess!
Jessica Nelson said…
Me too, Lynn. It's encouraging to know everyone has been where I've been.

LOL Wendy! I bet you make an adorable cheerleader. :)

Thanks Kristen! You're a great example for me. :-)
Jessica Nelson said…
No, Susan, I'll say that about you! *grin*

Karen, Wha!!! No chocolate! I'm shipping some your way, ASAP. LOL Just send me your address first...

Me too, Jessica. Thanks for stopping by. :)
Jessica Nelson said…
Someday, I hope, Erica. :-)

Robyn, it's crazy how things change, right? But these changes have been good. And I'm still in awe about your critter. What a wonderful story to hold onto for encouragement!

Back atcha, Linda! LOL
Thanks for the shout out, dear friend. And wasn't I one of your first followers? Sigh. Those were the days, weren't they? LOL.

And thanks for the encouragements all along the way. I can't wait until I actually get to start announcing some of the good stuff that's happened! :)
Patti said…
It's great to see that hard work actually does pay off - even though it might take a while.
Deb Shucka said…
Someday your name will be on this list, too!
It's so inspiring, isn't it? Yay!
Tana said…
I know, right?? Isn't this exciting to watch our friends grow and grow and grow??? And guess what else? I get to say I knew Jessica when... =)
Jill Kemerer said…
Aww, this makes me smile! I know many of these writers too. Exciting, isn't it? I know your name will be up here soon!
Anonymous said…
Love this! Thank you for the reminder to persevere and hold on to hope!

Maybe I'll be saying the same of you and your blog in a few months.... :)

Best of luck with your revisions!
Unknown said…
Wow, I'm glad you're following my blog. :D
How exciting to know and support authors pre-contract! Hope I can say that about our crit group soon! I knew them when . . .
Stephanie Faris said…
Brain Throw-Up!!! Hilarious. I've gotten an agent since blogging on here, but still waiting for that publishing deal... I'm proof that getting an agent isn't the end of the struggle at all.
Jaime Wright said…
What a great list!!! I'm so glad I connected with a lot of these peeps too - in the days before they became rich and famous. Ok. Famous maybe ;)
Linda Kage said…
You sure are blogging among a bunch of greats!!! I can remember reading Beth Revis's blog telling us she sold her book. Now I can buy it at Walmart. Crazy!
Jessica Nelson said…
It is exciting and I have the same feeling that I'll be seeing all your books in walmart someday too! LOL Thanks for commenting ladies. :-)
Karen Lange said…
I think I was following Jody before she got the call. She was one of my first followers. As was Elana, actually too. Exciting to see how everyone is doing, you included! :)
Unknown said…
Oh, wow! Thanks, Jessica! So fun to see this list.
Terri Tiffany said…
I knew them all except one too--it's been awesome watching it happen! And you got an agent to since I've known you!
Nancy said…
You're next. Can't wait.

I knew Jody before she was famous, when I first started, but I lost her somehow. I did congratulate her when her book came out. I'm very proud of her. Her blog was always so professional.
I know it can be done, and I'm thinking you're next, Jessica!!!
Angie Muresan said…
Congratulations to you all!
And yes, blame the chocolate!
Wishing you a happy and blessed Easter, Jessica. :)
This is so exciting! :-D
I love to see my blogging friends books for sale. My collection is growing, and each one is a precious gem on my shelf.

One day I will add yours, Jessica. :)

So neat to see these dreams coming true. God is so good. Trusting good things for you too. Blessings on your revisions!

Mary Curry said…
I didn't know them then, but sure am glad to now! Congrats to everyone on the huge successes!
Jessica Nelson said…
Hey MaryC, thanks for stopping by!

Thank you, Mel. I think it's great seeing dreams come true too. :-)

Oooh, Glynis, and I will add yours too! :-)

Angie, chocolate is such a willing martyr. *grin*
Jessica Nelson said…
Eileen and Nancy, eek! You never know... :-)

Me too, Karen and Terri.
i'm totally laughing about katie's brain throw up blog....she was so mad at me when i told her (several months too late) that it might not be the most professional of titles.....

this is such an encouraging post.....it DOES happen to people in God's time!

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