A New Agent in Town and Linkage

Last week I found out that my long-time critique partner Linda Glaz was just made an agent at Hartline Literary!!! Woohoo! So apparently for years I've been rubbing shoulders with an agent in the making. :-)
Linda is a kind and funny person. She's very savvy regarding the industry and craft and she loves romance. If you're looking for an agent to query, I'd recommend Linda. She mostly loves any subgenre of romance and suspense, but she'll never turn down a great story regardless of genre. The guidelines for querying Linda are HERE.
Congrats Linda!

As for linkage, there some news on the digital royalties publishing front. Here are a few interesting links.

Harlequin Raises E-book Royalties
Agent Kristin Nelson's Take So Far
Dear Author Asks Harlequin
Some Other Publishers Royalty Rates
Brenda Hiatt's Show Me The Money (this site is a good representation of what publishers pay on average)

What do you think about digital royalties? Had you heard any of this yet? Did you find your targeted publisher on Hiatt's list?


Great post, Jessie! Love the linkage. The show me the money link has been on my fave's list for years. As to e-royalties, I didn't know anything about them at all, so I'm looking forward to having the time to read that article. But for now, I have othe things I have to do, and you know of what I speak. Have a great week, dear friend!
Oh, and congrats to Linda! How fun and exciting!!
Congrats to your friend, Linda. Thanks for all the links today! I heart links!
Yeah for Linda. Seems like it would be a very cool job. And how fun that it came as a surprise to you.
~ Wendy
Terri Tiffany said…
Yay for Linda!!!! I might just query her some day:)
Jessica Nelson said…
You should, Terri! She's very enthusiastic and professional. I have a feeling she'll knock the socks off some publishers with what she submits. ;-)

Wendy, lol, well, I wondered but to have it actually happen was pretty awesome!

Thanks for stopping by, Jessica!

Anita, what're you doing over here! You have a vacation to go play in. :-)
Linda Glaz said…
Thanks, Jess! And you know if I coulda, I woulda! I was dying to tell you...now I'm dying to get those stories out there. Some wonderful people have already sent stuff in and with a bit more work, a couple will have great stories. It amazes me how many people rely on themselves rather than objective crit partners to fix their work. Our group is so incredibly blessed to have each other. And I signed my first author! Woohoo! Blessings to you all and yes, when your story's polished and critted to death, send away. Thanks, again, Jess! Wonderful links BTW, about time the royalties were raised, right?
Laila Knight said…
Great post! Love the links. How neat that you were so close to an agent in the making and didn't even know it.
Karen Lange said…
Thanks so much for the links! Congrats to your friend, that is exciting news!
Sarah Forgrave said…
Oh wow, what a fun surprise for you! Sounds like you've got a great crit partner. :)
Linda Kage said…
Congrats to Linda. I'll have to check her out!! I love looking at Brenda Hiatt's "Show me the Money" page. Thanks!
I am so happy for Linda, and for Hartline, my agent Diana Flegal's agency. Well, it's not HER agency, but she's one of its agents. Oh, dear. Never mind.

Thanks for the links, too!

Linda Glaz said…
Jeanette, that was so funny. But you're right, when you're part of Hartline in any capacity, you feel like it's YOUR agency. What a wonderful place to grow!
NightlySun said…
Absolutely wonderful!
Yay! Linda!
Congrats to Linda!

Happy 4th of July, Jess. :)
Nancy said…
Sounds like good news for anyone looking for an agent. Congratulations to your friend Linda on this milstone.
Lauren F. Boyd said…
Thanks for the info! Hope you're doing well and had a great 4th!
Jessica Nelson said…
Thank you for the comments everyone!! ;-)
Lauren, doing great, thanks!
How lovely for you to see a friend do so well! I wish her luck for the future.

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