You Can Be Published! Interview with Katie Ganshert

Today we have debut author Katie Ganshert. I met her a few years ago while we were both querying. She is awesome and dynamic and has a huge heart for God/love. Thanks for joining us today, Katie!
1.How many manuscripts have you written and did the one that sold feel different? I've written six. The one that sold was my third manuscript and it definitely felt different. It was the first manuscript I wrote after I read a whole bunch of craft books. I felt so much more knowledgeable about story telling and the craft of writing as I wrote that one.

2. How many years have you been writing?
Well, I've written stories ever since I could pick up a pencil. But somewhere in my teen years, I stopped. I didn't come back to it until I went to Nairobi, Kenya six and a half years ago. I came home with a story exploding inside me, so I wrote my very first novel.

3. Tell us a little about the events leading up to your first sale.
My manuscript was going to pub board. That's all I knew. My editor liked it. The editorial team at Waterbrook liked it. Now it was a matter of waiting to see if it would pass pub board or not pass. I didn't know I'd have to wait so long. Seven months after hearing it was going to pub board, I got an email from my agent saying it made it through, but it still had one more level of approval before a book deal would come. A week later, I got the phone call from my agent, only I couldn't answer because I was teaching a room full of 5th graders at the time. So I listened to her message (that this was the phone call I'd been waiting for) and tried really hard not to jump and scream and freak out my students. (For the record, it's important to know that Katie really would jump and scream. She's fun like that!)

4. What is your biggest piece of advice to writers wanting to get published?
Persevere! Rejections are inevitable. Waiting is inevitable. Persevere! See it as part of the process. If you're passionate about writing stories and you want to share those stories, then keep at it. Keep writing. Keep studying the craft. And keep believing God has a plan and a purpose for the words He's given you.

You can pre-order Katie's book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble (or anywhere else, really).

Katie mentioned being in committee for a long time. Are you prepared for the waiting that comes with getting published? Where are you waiting right now? What do you do while waiting in life?


Unknown said…
Great to see Katie here today. I remember reading Katie's blog through those seven months. That must have been soooo hard to be patient during that time. Can't wait to read the book!!!
Jessica Nelson said…
I know, Julie, I can't imagine. What a test!
Katie Ganshert said…
Hello ladies! So fun to be here today! I think you're pretty dynamic and fun too, Jessica!

The waiting was insane. I remember reading Chip MacGregor's blog at some point and him saying that if you're waiting past a certain point, it's a no. They aren't interested. And I was so deflated! Just goes to show that there are no hard and fast rules. There's a time for everything.
Debra E. Marvin said…
I guess its best to submit and forget. Move forward. There's always cases where something sits dead in the water but comes alive again. Thanks Jessica and Katie.
Hi Jess & Katie -

I've also followed your journey through your blog. Now, I'm the one read your book. :)

I'm laughing at that seven months bit. Not at you of course, at me. Very hard at me.
~ Wendy
V said…
Great interview! Persevere...that is the word of the week. :)
Jessica Nelson said…
Tori, totally agree!

Hmmm, you're whetting my appetite here, Wendy. LOL

Susan! You're awesome. Just sayin'. :-)
Jessica Nelson said…
Debra, I think that's very true about it coming back to life. And moving on.

Katie, so glad you could make it over to say hey! :-)
Unknown said…
Love this interview!! And I love Katie's book. Soooo good!!! Thanks for having her here, Jessica!
Anonymous said…
Looking forward to reading Katie's book. Waiting is a bear isn't it? The mind dreams up so many scenarios for WHAT IF! I try to keep on writing. Keep on writing.
Jessica Nelson said…
Melissa, I'm glad she was cool with doing an interview. I'm looking forward to reading her book too!

Ha! Yes, Tina, it IS a bear. lol Keep writing is a good mantra to have. Heh.
Keli Gwyn said…
What fun to see two of my favorite people together.

The waiting in this business is tough, but it helps develop character. At least that's what I tell myself. =)
Julie Dao said…
What a wonderful and inspiring story! I love hearing how authors got the call :) And that cover is stunning!! Thanks both for this interview. (For the record, I'd totally jump up and down too!)
What an awesome interview! I love when authors who had to struggle a bit find their way to the top! It's such an inspiration. And you're right. Perserverance is key. :)Congrats!
Katie, your story is inspiring and much needed for me today! :)
Great interview, ladies! I would have liked to seen you jump and scream and wig out in your classroom, Katie.

Am reading Wildflowers from Winter now--the week my book releases--and it's a terrific story!
Loree Huebner said…
Great interview, ladies! Loved learning more about Katie.

I look forward to reading your book, Katie. I've been hearing great things about it.

I'm staring Jessica's book this weekend! Woot!
Sarah Forgrave said…
Great interview, ladies!

Waiting is the hardest part of the writing life for me. Well, next to the rejections that is, lol. God's Word, friends, and chocolate help on both counts. :)
Jessica Nelson said…
Sarah, rejections are tough, that's for sure. Sometimes the waiting feels like a rejection.

Hi Loree! I've heard good things too. :-)

Hey Miss Jeanette! Don't give anything away. :-)
Jessica Nelson said…
Hi Keli!!! I think you're telling yourself the truth. :-)

Julie, other author stories are a must, I think, for writers. They encourage and also give us an idea of what to expect. Thanks for stopping by!

Hi Anita and Jessica. :-) Glad you two popped by!
Mary Curry said…
It's so rare for me to be home on a Wednesday and be able to comment in the middle of a discussion. YAY!

I remember those seven months, Katie. And I particularly remember the post when you announced your sale - not because of the sale but because of these words -

"God meets us in the waiting. He blesses us. He keeps us on our knees. He draws us nearer to Him."

Okay so I had to go look up the exact words, but your thoughts have stayed with my all this time.

Katie Ganshert said…
This has been beyond fun - reading all your comments!

Jeannette - I'm so glad you're enjoying Bethany's story.

And Mary - wow, girl! I'm so humbled that God used those words to encourage you!!
Jessica Nelson said…
Mary, thank you so much for popping in on your day home!! I hope you've had a good one. :-)
Beth K. Vogt said…
Love following Katie around the blog-o-sphere. And I would so love to see her jump and down and scream. Maybe one day. Maybe at ACFW this year? One can only hope.
Thanks, Jessica, for sharing Katie's story! It's so amazing to see so many debut authors being published.

Aloha! --Cheryl
Sarah Faulkner said…
Waiting is so hard. Right now I'm waiting for my brain to get a little distance from my book. I currently feel like I have the whole thing memorized.
A big congratulations on being published!
~Sarah F.
Sandra Orchard said…
Congratulations Katie! How about reenacting the call in front of a class of fifth graders, only answer it, and videotape it, and post it?! :)
Traci Kenworth said…
Good to hear a success story!!
Jessica Nelson said…
Hahaaa! I bet I know what Katie would look like. lol Beth, I hope you two can meet up at ACFW. That would be awesome.

Cheryl, I think it's very inspiring. :-)

Hey Traci!

Sandra, that would be hilarious!!

Hi Sarah F, yeah, I've felt that way before too. Especially with the book that just came out. I've read and edited and revised SO many times...sometimes we definitely just need that space.
Linda Kage said…
Congratulations on your great success, Katie!! Your book has such a lovely cover. God be with you.
Nancy said…
The book looks great and I enjoyed the interview. A teacher and a writer - good combination.
Jessica Nelson said…
I love her cover too, Linda. ;-)

Hey Nancy! I agree.
Karen Lange said…
It's great to hear more about Katie and her journey. Thanks, ladies! Wishing Katie all the best with her new book. And you too, Jessica! :) Excited for both of you!
Denise Petrovich said…
We love your books Katie and hope to keep reading them. The interviews you are doing are awesome Jess. Thanks for all the time you put into them. They are most enjoyable :)

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