A Rockin' End of Summer Contest

Summer is almost over! Even though autumn is my favorite season, I'm sad because I'm going to have to start getting up early (I know, I know, don't throw a book at me!)

So since I don't have anything new coming out yet, I thought it might be a good idea to have some kind of contest. I've never done the twitter/fb/post type of contest but I think it might be fun.

Heeheee, especially since there's chocolate involved.

So here are the deets (that's for you, Lindsay!):

1. If you want to be entered once to win a prize, let me know in the comment section.

2. Mention Love On The Range on Facebook OR Twitter, let me know in the comments, and you get two entries.

3. Mention Love On The Range on BOTH Facebook and twitter, let me know in the comments, and you get three entries.

4. If you have another cool promotional action that I don't know about, let me know in the comments. If it's combined with FB/Twitter, then that's four entries. :-) If not, then that's two entries.

5. EACH time you tweet/post/FB something, let me know!!! I'll keep tallying things up so I know how many times to enter you.

This is a THREE week contest. It ends midnight September 2, 2012 and I'll announce winners on Labor Day. (I won't be posting anything new until then)

So you all will have plenty of time to do whatever you're comfortable with doing to be entered. :-)


Two people will receive Godiva in the mail...it will be awesomely delicious. :-)

One person will get a B&N $25 gift card

One person will get a critique by another author (I don't know who yet but will put it up when I know)

One person will get Sweet Baklava by Debby Mayne and Sweet Caroline by Rachel Hauck, 'cause this is a sweet contest. Teehee!

So what do you think? I hope this makes sense but feel free to ask questions. Okay, let the contest begin! :-)


Godiva--now you're talking, baby!

Great ideas!
~ Wendy
Jennifer Shirk said…
Ha! Chocolate gets me too.
Mentioned it on Twitter!
Loree Huebner said…
You had me a chocolate...
Linda Kage said…
You now, I've never had Godiva brand chocolate before. Got you mentioned on Twitter, which also shows up on Facebook!
Lindsay Harrel said…
How fun! And thanks for using that word again. Made me smile. ;)
Julie Dao said…
I stopped reading when you said Godiva and my mouth started drooling. JUST KIDDING! (about the stopped reading part... lol) I will share this on Twitter and let you know when I do!
Hahahaaa! Too funny, Julie. Well, you have one entry just for commenting. :-) Thank you!
Ladette said…
I tweeted about Love on the Range: https://twitter.com/ladettek/status/235016237569146880

Ladette said…
I posted on FB about the book/giveaway.

Ladette said…
I reblogged about the giveaway here: www.pwnmom.blogspot.com

Terri Tiffany said…
Oh wow! Awesome contest--will post about it on Facebook for you!!
Cool, Ladette! Thank you. :-)

Yay! See you there, Terri!
Unknown said…
Woohoo, this is too awesome. I'm also now very hungry for chocolate. :) And I definitely want to be entered...because who wouldn't want to be?!?!

I'm scheduling this to go out on Facebook and Twitter later this morning...yay!
Terri Tiffany said…
PS I put it on Twitter too~
Be my luck I win... the chocolate. Trying to diet!

I'm also posting the link on my facebook.
LOL Lily, it's all about moderation. A little chocolate every day is very good for you. :-) Thanks for the entry!
Sandra Orchard said…
Enjoy your blog break, Jessica! Off to find some chocolate to munch...after I tell my FB friends about your yummy contest of course. :)
chocolate? Oh yes, count me in. :) Although, if I win, I'll have to wait until after baby to eat it (doctor's orders, sigh). :)
Brandi Boddie said…
Just shared on Facebook.
Melanie, just put it up and save it for later. :)

Thanks Brandi!
Great contest, Jess! I'd sure like that B&N gift card. :)

SQUEE! I loves me a good contest. :) Especially when chocolate is involved (remind me to show you how to use a rafflecopter one of these days, pal). :)

No need to enter me. We'll save the goodies for all the other lovely participants. I just wanted to hop over and cheer you on!
Beth K. Vogt said…
I'm all about celebrating books with authors!
I posted the "deets" on Twitter!
Amy C said…
What a sweet giveaway! Thanks!
Thanks Beth!

Hi Anita! I know, I was totally going to ask you about that but I'm such a "wait until later" type of person and then I just decided to do it now. Heh. Thanks for popping by!

Best wishes to you, Susan! :-)
Karen Lange said…
This IS a sweet contest. Love it! Heading off to share on FB. So yes, I'd love to be entered. Thanks a bunch!
Traci Kenworth said…
Mentioned on FB. Tweeted about contest. Fall is super busy, but I love the colors and textures.
Nancy said…
The contest sounds like fun. I would like to be entered in it. You are so generous.
Nick Wilford said…
Count me in. What a neat range of prizes! Thanks!
Janet Smart said…
What a great contest and great prizes! Count me in.
Janet Smart said…
Hey, Jessica I just shared the post on Facebook and mentioned your book.
Great idea! I'll show my support. Post on Facebook and Twitter.

If you follow my blog, I'll follow yours!


Casey Sean Harmon
Indie Newbie said…
WOOHOO! So glad I didn't miss this contest. Must have chocolate! I tweeted and posted on facebook!
I'm just here to say hello and to support you and your book, Jessica!

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