The Hybrid Author (I Is Scared)

Yes, that is a baby voice hiding in the parentheses. Curled up in a fetal position, sucking her thumb.

That's because this independent publishing business is exciting but scary! It's also (gasp) hard. Today I am going to be uploading my manuscript to some different bookseller sites. I am so nervous because I have heard horror stories about badly formatted books, editing mistakes, etc. I've done research, tried to follow other's advice, but technology isn't my strong suit.

And so I'm a quivering mass of nerves.

There's also the fact that there's no publisher at my back saying, "Read this! We liked it and bought it." Instead, I am the publisher, pushing my manuscript out into the world as a book. There's a certain self-confidence (and I hope not arrogance)in publishing your own work.

Needless to say, I am extremely intrigued to see how this will work out. I will be a hybrid author, with one foot in traditional publishing, and the other in indie publishing.

Have you ever heard the term hybrid author? Do you have a pacifier I can borrow?


Unknown said…
I've read several blogs, most recently one from James Scott Bell, on hybrid definitely seems to be the wave of the publishing future. I'm excited for you as you step into indie publishing!! I bet it will be awesome.

As for a pacifier, when I was a kid, candy pacifiers were popular for awhile. I wonder if those are still around...? :)
Jessica Nelson said…
Hahahaaa, if so, I need to find one!
Julie Dao said…
I'm so excited for you, Jessica!!! I think it'll be a great experience for you to see both sides of the coin. You'll be so worldly and experienced with publishing :D Good luck. When you post the links, share them with us so we can Tweet and Facebook all about them!!
Julie Jarnagin said…
I would love to stick my toe into the hybrid world...but I haven't found the courage or the time yet. One of these days!
Linda Kage said…
Good luck and fingers crossed for you!! I'm about to try that path next week. And, oh yeah, I've been experiencing some of the nervous jitters too.
I've not heard the term, but know of some authors who have done both. James N. Watkins is one--you might look him up on FB. He could give you some wisdom, I'm sure.

I can't spare my own pacifier today, Jessie. I'm usng it myself!
Jessica Nelson said…
LOL Jeanette!!! You are sooo funny. Thanks for the smile!

Thanks Loree!

Linda, we can compare notes! LOL

Julie, I agree, it takes time. I don't know about courage! LOL I think mine deserted me.

Awww! Thanks Julie. :-)
Nancy said…
You did it the hard way. I'm sure you can get a great book published the non-traditional way. Hope you find a printer you like.

No, I have never heard of a hybrid-author.
Stacy Henrie said…
That's exciting! I have a good friend who is indie published and she loves it. Can't wait to hear about your hybrid experience.
Jessica Nelson said…
Nancy, well, I didn't do any printing. I just published using different e-publishing platforms. I'm hoping things go well but we shall see. lol

Thanks Stacy! It's kind of fun and scary at the same time. :-)
Awesome, can't wait!!!

BUT WHERE IS IT?? I heard by word of mouth and now I'm wandering everywhere searching for the book.

Links, girl. We need a title and some links and a cover picture on your FB page...
Jessica Nelson said…
LOL Virginia, I'm going to start next week. :-) You're so funny!

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