Fictional Heroes who made me say, "Mmmmmm!" And still do! (Repost)

Good old Uncle Jesse...this is the first fictional character who I remember making my elementary heart pitter patter. Full House was my favorite show, and now you know why. Who could resist a guy like Uncle Jesse? He loved his nieces, played a guitar, rode a motorcycle, had a great sense of humor and of course, there was the leather coat. :-)

The character of Rick O'Connell captured my imagination as a teen and made me want to be a librarian, just so I could daydream about some daring, funny adventurer falling in love with me.

Damon is one of those characters in need of redemption, but the first thing I loved about him was his loyalty to the woman he loved. It was unshakable. That warms this woman's heart! 

I'm 38 now, and Damon still makes me *swoon*

Which heroes (in tv or in books) grabbed your attention? What was it about them that made you never forget them?


Unknown said…
Uncle Jesse!! Love him.

I also loved Jack Bauer in 24...yeah, the show was violent. But they'd always give us these little glimpses of Jack Bauer's vulnerability underneath all the toughness...which I loved.

I also love Rafe in Susan May Warren's Taming Rafe. :)
Jessica Nelson said…
Melissa, I always wanted to read that book! I need to make sure I get one. 24 is a great show!
Julie Jarnagin said…
Uncle Jesse. So cute. Loved Full House!

Becky Wade writes some amazing heroes.
Julie Dao said…
I love Damon. Just when I think I've picked Stefan 100%, Damon goes and does something that changes my mind again. Glad we're not Elena! LOL.
Karen Lange said…
Good question! I liked Silas Ballantyne, the hero in Laura Frantz's latest book, Love's Reckoning. He's a strong character who lives by his convictions.
Brandi Boddie said…
I was majorly obsessed with The Mummy when I was a teen, too! I couldn't narrow it down to Rick O'Connell though. I liked the bad boy mummy Imhotep (once he regained his flesh, of course) and the mysterious Magi played by Oded Fehr.
Linda Kage said…
Ooh, Good choices! Each and every one of those guys just has that gravitational pull about them that draws you in!
Jessica Nelson said…
Julie J, I've yet to read a Wade book but I know I need to!

Julie D, I can't believe you picked Stefan! *shaking my head* LOL

Karen, I'd like to read Frantz's book too.
Jessica Nelson said…
LOL Brandie!! I totally loved Imhotep too...he was really sexy. *swoon*

Linda, yes they do. *grin*
Linda Glaz said…
Well, how can anyone not be in love with Rhett when he carries her up the staircase or kisses her outside the buggy??? Sheesh, old and dead, but a great memory!
This may sound lame, but the prince in Cinderella always made me sigh.

Of course, Rick O' Connell! I crushed on him something awful. LOL. And why am I not surprised you loved the bad vampire? Great post, pallie. Morpheus approves, but he's also wondering why he's not listed. HEH. ;P
Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind. Tough with Scarlett; tender with his young daughter. And that lock of hair hanging in his eye. . .

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