The Query That Worked (UPDATE and Repost)

This was originally posted in 2014!! Now Dylan has a new book coming out with #Hatchette books! (How Sweet It Is) Super exciting, and not a paranormal, which proves that when it comes to writing #queries, she still rocks. Look at this gorgeous cover!

Back to the past...Thank you to #author Dylan Newton who shared the #query that landed me my first contract for Love On The Range on her blog today! Dylan is a great person who writes wonderful paranormal romances! In fact, I'm looking forward to reading her next book when it releases!
If you want to check out my interview and query, here is the link:

You can check out Dylan's books on Amazon or at her website.

Have you written a #query yet? How did it fare in the terrifying world of #publishing??


Unknown said…
loved her column on your query letter. Very nice Jess!
Karen Lange said…
Queries are my least favorite thing! Glad you had wise counsel. If we could somehow eliminate them from the process, I think many writers would be happier. :) Thanks for sharing yours with us!
Loved it! Great post. I'm in the process of writing my first query right now and it feels a lot like slowly dying--haha!

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