#Freebook! And a contest (BookSweeps)

 Happy Saturday! 

Just throwing out a blog post about #freebies so that my GoodReads and Amazon readers will have the info. 

I've got a book free on Amazon right now until March 02, 2021. Forever Love is the third book in the Women of Manatee Bay series. :-) The cover and blurb are below and you can buy it HERE.

I'm also participating in a BookSweeps #giveaway. Contest details can be found HERE and the graphic below showcases the participants (and there are some well known, awesome authors participating!).

Sky-diving instructor Maggie McCormick has a reputation in her small town for living on the wild side. What people don't know is how her painful choices have whittled away at her soul. Determined to be done with romantic relationships, she's ready to focus on a deeper relationship with God. She wants to prove she's different and dreams of opening a home for young mothers. When she stumbles across the perfect property, things seem to be going well until she discovers the owner is none other than her good-looking pastor. And he's refusing to sell.
Pastor Joe O'Reilly has big plans for his church and they don't include selling his inheritance to free-spirited, motorcyclist Maggie McCormick. When her desire to help young mothers inspires him to assist her in the quest for land, he doesn't expect to start falling for her. But Maggie guards dark secrets that could destroy his faith in their love.
Can Maggie trust Joe to love her despite her past, especially when she sees forever in his eyes?


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