I Did A Thing! But I'm still writing books too...

 So...I am learning coding languages. Ruby and JavaScript in particular.

I posted my story HERE on Romancing the Code.

And HERE on Medium

BTW, I have a new book releasing early January! SO happy and excited! That is all. :-) Happy almost Christmas! Did you put up your tree yet?

A marriage of convenience

is the only way to save her family…

Widow Sophia Seymour never planned to marry again—let alone become a duchess. But with her father missing and her family impoverished, an old betrothal contract promising her hand to a notorious duke is her only hope. And Edmund DeVane intends to honor the agreement—in name only. After all, Edmund needs a wife with an impeccable reputation to protect his debuting niece. But as their arrangement starts to feel much more real, can their budding love survive Edmund’s deepest secret?


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