The Dead Don't Always Die

Yesterday I logged onto Yahoo and got the shock of a lifetime. Okay, not really, but it was a surprise. A man who'd been pronounced brain dead by doctors suddenly, on the day of the plug-pulling, moved. Yes, he moved, then woke up, and forty-eight hours later went home. How incredible is that? How awesome! So I was in a really good mood and decided that maybe I don't want Dear Hubby to pull the plug on me if I'm ever brain dead. 'Cause obviously the doctors were wrong.
And then my mind started thinking about books, which is a common ailment of mine. The thinking about books thingy, that is.
There was a time historicals were considered dead. And now everyone's saying, NO More Chick-Lit! And guess what? Historicals are back in a big way.
The experts said they were dead. The experts were wrong.
My purpose in this is to encourage writers to never give up what they love to write, even if the market doesn't seem to be swinging that way. The market is always changing and nothing is ever really dead. It only morphs into something new.
Isn't that some kind of scientific law? Probably could be said for spiritual things as well.
Back to the point of this: Write what God has placed on your heart to write. For all things there is a season.


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