Diamond Duo

Tuesday is my interview with Marcia Gruver for her debut novel, Diamond Duo! I hope you'll check it out. For now, I thought I'd give a quick review of the story.

Her writing, first of all, was really good. She has a strong voice and the historical sound of the entire story is amazing. She really captured the feel of a western, and yet her narrative/dialogue was incredibly easy to follow.

The characters were real. I especially liked Sarah King. Her personality seemed to jump off the page and some of the things she experienced brought tears to my eyes.

One thing I noticed about this book was the humor. You know how some stories have dialogue that's supposed to be funny, and then the characters laugh, and you're thinking, "That wasn't very funny". Diamond Duo was FUNNY. Okay, not the plot. This is a story about murder and injustice, but the character's interactions and dialogue actually made me laugh. No small feat. *wink*

Though Diamond Duo deals with our inhumanity to each other, there's a strong, overriding theme of God's mercy toward us. And his goodness, despite our failings.

I enjoyed Diamond Duo. If you like a strong, historical voice and passionately realistic characters, you'll probably like this book.

Don't forget! One lucky commenter on Tuesday will receive five gently used books. I'll try to diversify :-) Another commenter will receive a Barnes and Noble gift card. See you Tuesday!


Hi Jessica -

I'm looking forward to your interview with Marcia. As fast as I read books, all my blogger friends are adding more to my list.

Ooo, a contest! I'll be back. :)

Susan :)
Hi Susan! I'm out of town but look forward to seeing everyone's comments when I get home! Late Tuesday, probably. :-)
Thanks for stopping by.
Anonymous said…
Great review, Jessie! Looking forward to the interview. :-)

Have fun on your trip...
Sarah said…
Can't wait to read the interview! And a contest? Sweet!

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