Talk Is Cheap

While revising my manuscript I discovered something. I've been talking the talk but not walking the ... um, yeah. That cliche.
But really, revising is such an eye-opener. The sad thing is, this wasn't my first revision. So, while wading through I was amazed/disturbed/downright disgusted by the plethora of passive sentences and weak verbs in my manuscript.
I've learned alot about craft but apparently didn't apply my knowledge to every chapter.
So, have you ever revised your manuscript (or your life) and realized that while you technically "knew" something, you hadn't been writing (living) it?


Edie said…
Hi Jessica!

Congratulations on the manuscript. I hope all goes well for you. Good for you for keeping your priorities straight too!

Just wanted to let you know that the three finalists in the Blog Makeover contest have been announced at Rich Gifts & Graphics.

I tried to make it to everyones blog to visit when the poems were submitted but didn't quite make it right away.

Thanks for participating!
Hi Jessica -

You're talking to the eternal editor here. It's a wonder I submit anything.

I'm still working on the showing not telling thing. It sneaks into my work when I least expect it.

Susan :)
Jessica Nelson said…
Hi Susan
Yep, showing not telling is a pain too. :-) Thanks for stopping by.
LOL about eternal editor. I do that, too!
Victoria Bylin said…
Hi Jessica, I hear you on passive writing! I use the "find" feature in Word to track down every single use of "was." I click the box for "Find All" and keep track of how many "was's" I've used. I look at each one and usually end up changing it.
Jessica Nelson said…
Oooh! How cool to have an author stop by! Thanks Victoria! The "find" feature (control F in Works) is awesome! I wish I would have thought to use it for the word was.
So you all know, Victoria is an author for Love Inspired Historical. I think her latest book out is The Bounty Hunter's Bride. I've been wanting to read that, btw, just based on the title. :-)
Anonymous said…
I'm with Victoria. I use the "find" tool for was and a few other of my pet words: that, only, had, and those pesky *ly* words.

What did writers ever do before the era of technology???
Jessica Nelson said…
I don't know. They probably didn't have so many rules or competition, either.
Or bestsellers. LOL
Oh, this is exactly why I've had to abandon my three previous stories. I honestly can't get beyond the "bad" writing anymore. And since I've conquered it in pieces earlier, even the transitions are all messed up.

A new story is hopefully going to rebuild my confidence...until I go to the editing rounds with it, I fear!

Is a writer ever truly satisfied with their work, I wonder?
Jessica Nelson said…
I don't know. I'm certainly not satisfied. I eventually just have to force myself to stop.
Good luck with your new story! I bet it'll be great :-)
The more I write, the easier certain things become.

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