I'll have Classic, with a Twist

You know how editors and agents say they're looking for something fresh? It doesn't mean something "out there". It just means classic, with a twist.

My opinion, of course.

I write romance. In romance there are sixteen main plots. I know this because I saved the list, but for some reason I'm having trouble finding the link right now. Grrrr.

Anyhow, in my zealousness I took TWO of these plots for my manuscript, The Bridegroom's Revenge. Hehehehe, can you guess one?
That's right. Hero Comes Back for Revenge. The other plot is Secret Baby. So I use two plots in this story. How do I give them a fresh twist?

The child died. The hero comes back for revenge, finds out he had a child who died at the age of seven. It's heartbreaking and adds conflict to the hero's plan.

That's my twist.

What do you do to try to make your story fresh and new, while remaining marketable?


Hi Jessica -

I didn't know about the 16 plots. This genre is new to me and has a whole new set of rules.If you find the link, I'd love to check it out.

Your story sounds intriguing. My romance novel is a former battered wife (widowed), who thinks love will never find her. (And no, it's not autobiographical. My beloved was a sweetie.)

Susan :)
Jessica -

P.S. Did you see you won a contest on the Seekers? Hop over there and claim your prize. :)

Anonymous said…
That’s kind of interesting, I way I create stories is: I take a million good ideas and figure how to link them all together, thus creating a universe. Like the Marvel universe. Out of all the stories I have ever fabricated, they always fit in one of two universes I made.
Anonymous said…
Hey Jessie! I'd like to see that 16 plot link, too. If you find it. No pressure! Heh.

Honestly, I just research and write. I tell a story. I've actually never thought about how I come up with it or what archetype it's based on. Weird, huh? So I guess, in that respect, although I do plot somewhat, I am still an organic writer in some ways. Hmm.
Hi Susan,
I think their must be more than 16 because I just checked and revenge isn't on my list. This list is pretty much for straight romance I think. Don't worry. It's not professional :-)
Just what is generally used.
Hi Xavier,
the whole universe thing is very interesting. I wonder if your genre has a list of plots used?
Hi Anita!
Hmmmm, but you don't write purely romance either.
So, organic means seat of the pants, right? lol
Anonymous said…
Teehee. Spoken like a fellow pantser. Do you have a platinum membership card or a gold? :-)

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